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Today I would like to offer an elegant and very feminine look, ideal for the longest night of the week that the “friday night”. Ninety percent of women, like the outputs of Friday night it’s an evening with friends or in the company of their partner. To all of us like to go out and enjoy ourselves not thinking of the work week just passed; disconnect is the watchword!

My dress, my friday night!

Outfit: ice cream and good humor!


The first thing that we ask before going out is always the same: what will be my dress tonight?

Women do not panic, often, the trump card is its simplicity, mixed with femininity that each of us has within himself.

There are many details that can make perfect your dress, here are some:

Fabric: Much it depends on the season, but there are some rules that may apply at every opportunity.

Cutting: It goes well both short and long, depending on the event you opt for the most suitable one.

Colours: White paper, although in winter it uses black it!

Neckline: Dare, but do not overdo it !!

Decorations: If you want to sparkle does not go unnoticed, the sequins are a great deal or a sparkling belt.

Today I propose my outfit on Friday evening. I took these photos just before you go out, because it was raining outside … 🙂

My dress is simple but very particular; black, long-sleeved and super tight … It is absolutely not a day dress!

The strengths of this dress are two:

-The lace above the knee that still shortens more the dress … very sexy !!!

-the part of long cloth behind: it highlights even more the front of the dress.

Even if they dare to choose a model, remember that the most important thing is to wear clothes with elegance, is never wrong!

You dare to look into your Friday or Saturday night?



-My dress, my friday night!-


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