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several months depopulated the web and on Instagram photos and pictures on the fabulous set of oval brushes with very soft bristles, called “Oval brush set”. We both love just seen and we could not try them. Imagine taking a brush with very soft bristles and a few moves roll out your favorite foundation flawlessly, a real treat for our skin!

My Make-Up Oval Brush Set: magic touch!


Were launched from Mac a few years ago in America and from that moment all the women of the world they are in love, so many companies that produce and sell the brushes, they added this new line to their collections. Unlike the classic ones, this type is especially perfect for the base makeup and contouring.

Set “Oval Brush”


The set consists of 10 amazing brushes of different shapes and sizes.

The larger brushes (A, B) are perfect to spread the liquid foundation, face powder, blush and the earth, namely to create the base. They are suitable both for fluid makeup powder.

The average brushes (C, D) are perfect for sculpting the face, namely to create the famous and indispensable contouring, but it can also be used to put the blush on the cheekbones.

Smaller brushes (E, F) are more appropriate to cover facial imperfections, then pimples and dark circles, because they ensure greater accuracy.

Those long and narrow (G, H) are specific to the contouring of the cheekbones and nose, but also to define the eyebrows and also can be used on the eyes to roll out better eye shadow.

The last two (I, J) are ideal to define the lip contour.

First impressions:

– On the face are super sensitive, then they allow to fade to perfection cream products without leaving any marks or stains.

-I’m Really very soft and even after several washings, the bristles do not become rigid and do not break.

– The application of the correction is simpler and perfectly homogeneous as well as the foundation.

-I Brushes are very practical to use, thanks to the soft brush and have a flexible handle that fits the facial features giving a magical touch.

Now we understand why they are actually drawing the crowds of all make-up addicts around the world, and why so many women have abandoned their old brushes to use only this oval set for their daily make-up.

If you are curious to try them, we ve stra recommend them, after trying them once again not able to apply make-up with other brushes for the face. Only these brushes are able to create the magic in a few moves, then their shape reminds us a little ‘the make-up brushes icons of style.

You have already tried them? What do you think?





-My Make-Up Oval Brush Set: magic touch!-



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