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My alarm rings every day at 7:15 and off to take the metro to reach corso Buenos Aires where I work. I must say I love Milan, climb the stairs of the metro and find myself every day in the longest shopping street in Europe excites me and makes me want more and more to keep doing what I do.

Often my articles come just like that, on the subway that rocks me leading me to work or back home after a tiring day. Write relaxes me and allows me to express myself and to share.

Here I want to tell another stage of my holiday in Puglia, for those who follow us on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook will certainly have seen what was my stage after leaving Alberobello.

For those who missed the other stages of this wonderful holiday:


My outfits in Ostuni city!

Outfit: flutter free in the sea!

Polignano: a window to the sea!

Alberobello: a postcard from Puglia!


Ostuni is one of the most scenic places in Puglia!

The shining white of the houses makes this place and its unique historical center in the world. Not only are the walls of the houses to be white, but also stairs, doors and windows … hence the name “The White City.”

For me it was the first time I visited this city, I must say that I enjoyed even though the wind and the slippery floor they put the other to me hate at times. Among the alleys and the many ups and downs you will find several shops where to buy souvenirs (which I love), not to mention clothing and accessories.

Here are some of my outfits worn in the streets of Ostuni, with orange dress I felt like a butterfly flying free in the air, the wind ruffling my hair and did flutter my dress, but even that made this stay magical.

For appetizers instead I chose to wear a mini leather, a soft blouse and this handbag purchased from Mango that speaks for itself. In both outfits could not certainly miss my denim jacket embroidered with beads, just down the sun the wind became cold and I who are suffering from a cold I could not resist.

What will be the next leg of my vacation (now already over) ??? Continue reading us and we’ll find out together.

Kiss Kiss



Outfit details: 

Orange dress: Zaful

Denim Jacket: No brand

Clutch: Mango

Flat sandals: Asos

Earrings: H&M

Braclets: Soufeel

Watch: Michael Kors

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Second outfit details:

Blouse: Zara

Skirt: Zara



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