Good Morning maidens,

Do you also feel the Christmas atmosphere that fills the streets like here in Milan? There is no day in Corso Buenos Aires that does not feel the scent of the chestnuts accompanied by Vin mulled, the luminaries that create the right atmosphere, the shop windows that remind us that soon is Christmas. We are already in December!

Welcome December!

Although we sincerely would prefer that Christmas in Milan would feel more, a bit like in New York, with the Santas Christmas that enliven the streets and give a moment of cheerfulness to every passer.

What Christmas would be without the advent calendar?

Tell us, what Christmas would be without the advent calendar? On this you will agree with us:-)

Since they exist we adore them, too nice to wake up every morning and run to open a box, find out which wonderful surprise hides and steals a smile to start the day at best. Thanks to L’Occitane for this beautiful surprise, a calendar of the Super fragrant Advent, arrives directly from Provence with its beauty and scents to accompany us days after day until Christmas.

Whether it is a cream, a scented shower bath or a perfume for special occasions, but also the normal ones, this casket knows how to pamper ourselves.

The feeling when you open a casellina is that of a little girl in a candy store, she would like them all and immediately, but she knows that by doing so there would be no more surprise effect.

Gifts are important on festive days, nice to make them think of the smile that is given to the person who receives it, that smile that gives light and joy, the beauty of the festivities. It sa…la most important thing is to share everything with the people we love, for this the advent calendar of L’Occitane In addition to the many products that hides also gives a beautiful design, moments of everyday life thanks to the fantasy of Konako.

What do you think about these calendars? Do you like them?

That we adore it we already said and now we just have to leave you with some image. Follow us on IG stories @thesprintsisters to see what the Casellini hide every day, we will open them together:-)

Let the Christmas weather begin!




calendario dell'avventocalendario dell'avvento


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I love this calendar, it’s so nice !!!. Have a nice december !!!


Thank you darling!


stupendo questo calendario!io ho questa renna che è già diventata una mia amica con i dolci dentro 🙂 ma l’anno prossimo vorrei comprare un calendario beauty 🙂


Wow, ma è favolosa!
Se ci hai seguite anche su stories avrai sicuramente visto i prodotti che si nascondevano all’interno.

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