And if it was enough to put on a long dress, hair in the wind and no makeup to feel really beautiful in the middle of nature …

I say yes … to my emotions, freedom and wind in my hair, but I say yes to my new dress bought on Yoins.

New dress: new dream!

In this strange but fascinating time of the year, completely different from the other months, I fell in love with the long dresses.

It will be hot, the sea, the beautiful sunsets, the wind rising to the evening … all these elements make me dream … and then you have to do it in great and with the right dress!

For this reason my choice was decided, I picked the kind of dress to buy, I went shopping on this new online site, Yoins, a guarantee for beautiful dresses and fashion.

It is elegant, comfortable and versatile for every moment of the day. They could not miss a pair of flat sandals with fancy sea bottom.

I wore it and immediately felt a modern princess, accomplices even the hair unkempted by the wind to give that touch of naturalness that accompanies the simplicity and beauty of this dress. I like her lightness in wearing it, she moves to every movement and creates a play of femininity and seduction even in a context like nature.

These photos were made at Idroscalo in Milan … no make up, but just naturalness in wearing this beautiful new entry in my wardrobe … Do you like long or medium-long garments for the summer?






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Bellissimo abito!


Grazie, bacione!

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