In these difficult days that our country is going through, we just have to arm ourselves with a lot of patience. The coronavirus has divided us, we hear every day of people who cannot see their family and it is the same thing that we are facing too. We are, of course, even closer to those who have lost a loved one because of this terrible virus. However, covid-19 made us discover smart working, which before this surreal situation did not seem to exist for many employers.

Whether it’s called smart working in English or working from home in Italian, it’s important to do it well. These days all of us have had to choose a place to improvise our office, have a table or desk available, a chair and some other small amenities.

How to organize the desk?

To work well you must also have a nice environment around us. In this way we feel happier and we certainly produce more.

  • First you need to choose a place without many distractions, you know that working from home you have more cravings … exactly we mean various appetizers. Let’s say that the workplace must be in a nice bright area, so first choose to place the desk in a bright place. If it is natural light even better, but be careful not to turn your back on the source of brightness. Having the light behind it illuminates the PC screen too much, creating shadows both on the screen and on the paper sheets. This strains your eyesight because it prevents fluid reading.

What to do when night falls?

In the evening use the table lamp, essential to have one to turn on when the sun sets. If, on the other hand, you want to create a more romantic atmosphere for working too, light a scented candle.
organizzare la scrivania

  • In addition to the desk, the chair must also be comfortable, it will keep you company all day. At home we probably don’t have the ergonomic chairs we should have in the office. I say this because in many offices maybe they are not even there and it is revealed that working from home is even more comfortable. I personally work comfortably on the sofa. I position myself well with the help of cushions to support my back well and not suffer from pain at the end of the evening. The same must be done if you use the chair, if it is not very comfortable use cushions to reinforce and raise the back.
  • A well-organized workstation, productivity is said to help, but was it said that whoever has a messed-up desk is smarter? Maybe we got it wrong, but Blery can’t get along very well with the order. They say you have to organize your desk, put all the cards in order and use separators to avoid confusion. It will certainly be so, but whoever is messy, in his disorder strangely always finds everything :-), don’t you agree?
  • Take steps, just like that. Staying all day in the same position is not good for circulation. Even if you don’t have to open the door because no customer rings, or the courier doesn’t come to deliver packages, you get up anyway. Take a stroll, if a phone call arrives you decide to answer standing up, perhaps looking out the window or back forward. Or take a break from time to time, for example to treat plants.
  • Make the air around you more pleasant during the working day. Opening the window of the room where the workstation is located helps not only to air the environment, but also to make the atmosphere more pleasant. A little fresh air helps to think better. In the morning do not lose your habit of putting two drops of perfume on it, as you would have done going to the office.
    scrivania smart working

We have found these 5 points for a well organized desk and to work in harmony also in smart working. If you have any to suggest, we will be happy to discuss it together.

We in these two weeks of work from home have learned to better organize the desk, work without distractions and certainly produce more. It would be nice if smart working were taken into consideration even in normal conditions, perhaps even meeting motherhood. Here, however, a too delicate and vast discourse would open, perhaps we do not have the right skills to deal with it.

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