Today, in collaboration with Annamaria Iannelli, we want to take you to Otranto, telling about her experience.

In mid-July I spent a weekend in the fantastic Otranto, a city located on the east coast of the Salento peninsula, the easternmost point of the boot.

Before leaving I had a different perception, I was convinced that the visit of the inhabited center would have required a longer duration. I had to give you an advice, if you choose to stay overnight in this municipality it is enough to stay two days, otherwise your stay risks being boring.

What to do in Otranto:

Of the territory I was most struck by Castro and his splendid Grotta di Zinzulusa. Impossible not to take a trip into the past. We know very well that the geographical position was the scene of invasions, as witnessed by the numerous defensive walls. In short, if I had to summarize my experience I would say: “Otranto, a dip in the past”. Every single attraction has aroused in me interest, for a few moments I had the impression of living in another era. The place is very nostalgic, especially if it is covered with intense rain (exceptionally this year it was a rainy July).

The Cava di Bauxite, located in the hinterland, is unique and unique in the world. Pleasant to admire its landscape, the overlap of colors, it almost seems to be in the desert even for the particularly high temperature. Among the many attractions, you can’t leave unless you have seen this magnificent place. I believe that as soon as you have the chance to reach it, the first thing you do is turn around, it will seem to be small. There is nothing more beautiful than living in contact with nature. In addition to making a splendid cultural visit to Otranto, you can experience something unique.


Zinzulusa cave:

The Grotta di Zinzulusa is wonderful, because it allows you to dream, beautiful sea and stalactites and stalagmites that act as a magic frame.

Inside you will notice a rise in temperature, but nothing so excessive. If it is a visit in the middle of summer you will feel only a slight thermal detachment. How to resist the navy blue? the splendid excursion in boat has allowed me not only to live the place to the full, but also to have in the mind a memory to say the least pleasant.

The reasons for going to Salento are numerous, I hope that the photographic beauty may have awakened in you that desire to choose Otranto as a destination. More thoroughly, however, Blery will talk about it in one of the next articles. Salento for her is now a fixed point, it passed from Otranto to Ostuni and then pushed to the tip of the boot.

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