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You are fond of jewelry … you enjoy wearing unique and different, a bracelet and / or necklace that tells something about you? Us to do whatever we chose the Soufeel Jewels website. A few posts ago we spoke of this very site and jewelry that offers us. Here for those who missed the article. Today we wanted to share with you our personalized bracelet and show you how you can really match with everything.

Our personalized bracelet: Soufeel Jewels!

Soufeel: the bracelet that tells you!


We appreciate beautiful things, those who value us, who speak to us and tell us. For this custom bracelet Soufeel Jewels has conquered us, 5 charm a different one from another. Bracelet that allows you to wear pieces of customizing the charm emotions and taking them with you.

Here is our here!

We chose a camera (for our blogger profession is essential), a cube that is the balance, two round charm that represent love and peace and a little heart personalized photo (Blery and her boyfriend). If you also want a custom bracelet you just need to go on the website and enter the Soufeel BLOG5 code for an additional 5% discount.

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