Good morning beauty,

it’s been a while since we wanted to write this article, but we did not have the word yet and we did not choose the name to give to our star!

Our star in the sky: the brightest one!

Trend winter 2017: be pink!

Usually this kind of cadeaux is made for lovers, so to watch the stars together and see that of their love, or give it to a baptism, we have chosen to make a dear person eternal.

As reported on our baptismal certificate of ours, as of 03 October 2017 we have an extra reason to pause our eyes in the sky and think that our star looks at us and lights us up there.

Just so dear friends, on that date we lost our grandfather, we do not want to hurt you with our story, but it was for us really a special person. A volcano that never goes out of force, an incredible and invincible force, a man of the many facets that despite his life has put him tough on more than one occasion, has always been able to convey the desire to live.

We remind her to wake up at 4.00 am, prepare coffee, drink it with us two (we loved sleeping with her grandparents), jump on her bike and go to the market, then back up with bags (not just spending on her family , but also toys and gadgets for grandchildren).

For us it was a magical moment when it came back, bought our favorite bread (corn buke), the fruit that each of us had asked for, the balloons we worshiped and then the candies did not end. It was a bit like having a party all day.

Another unforgettable time was to have coffee in the afternoon sitting on the terrace looking down the hill, we liked the stories she could tell, some of the real moments of her life, others invented to enchant even more.


In thinking of him we run a tear, but so many smiles, the beautiful moments have been so many, even if life has divided us. Yes … that’s right, fine things eventually or end, memories remain in hearts and sometimes they hurt, so we wanted to dedicate this star to him.

As long as it will be in our hearts, we will continue to live forever, give us a smile and guide us from up there in our important choices.

For whom the grandparents still have them, they did not take it for granted, they are a fundamental part of our lives, their teachings have made us become what we are today, thanks to the values ​​we have been able to convey.

If you also have a loved one and want to give it a star, on the ETOILEZ-MOI site you can do it, using the sprintsisters code you will get a 10% discount on your order.

Thank you Etole-moi for this fantastic gift and for our brightest star: Tahir! Hello Grandpa you will miss us and we love you! Brilli for us all!






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