You still hear the noise of thunder storm threatening, after the Sun of the day today, I feel like light clothing.

After a long Tan to sunbathe on the balcony of the House, between sunscreen and fresh juice, it made me want to wear my dress, my shoe fringed, take a walk and the aperitif on the ground in Milan.

Outfit: a brisk spring evening!

How to prepare your skin for the first rays of sunshine!

As I said earlier, you can’t hear, but I assure you that actually there is the noise of Thunder. My craving for this spring, tropical and you seem to want to get there, convinced me to choose the outfit you see in this gallery.

Oh yes, I wanted to challenge the weather and I was right! We are in the spring?!

The air was still slightly crisp, so besides my length Bell sleeves and lightly frilled, I opted for a peach-colored jacket, my super comfy heels sabot and here I am ready to enjoy the companionship and beauty of Milan. Milan by night is magic, color, light, flavors and aromas that intermingle with each other in this metropolis now multi-ethnic.

So I don’t miss anything, my clutch bag with tropical motif, Palm trees and parrots.

To have everything I miss that wire of Tan that makes all the most beautiful, I know I’m a little off-white, but I’m going as soon as the Sun will delight us with its rays and will start the weekend at sea.

This Outfit is all signed H & M, except the clutch bag which is Promod.

What do you think?



-Outfit: a brisk spring evening!-



Outfit details:

Dress: H&M

Blazer: H&M

Sabot: H&M

Clutch: Promod

Scarf: No Brand


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