Milan, Friday, September 20, 2019, 8 hours of work behind for both and many dreams and expectations during the journey to Viareggio to arrive at the Blogging Camp. What will the latter be? A training course for bloggers, both for beginners and non-beginners. Blogging Camp organized by Silvia Ceriegi of is actually much more than a simple training course, we can better define it as a meeting between bloggers, bloggers and sponsors that I want to collaborate with each other, but not the usual collaborations, but ongoing. Expert speakers who explain and teach the importance of having a blog.

Is blogging dying?

Is blogging dying? this is often read on the internet, but it is still not clear if it wants to be a provocation, the bloggers themselves write it. So we also wanted to have an answer to all this. The initial skepticism towards this course was there, it will be that the negative experiences of the past leave their mark. Since we are people who are continually formed, we have followed some other course for bloggers in the past and we were very disappointed. Other bloggers who promise to guide you in this world at all easy sold only hot air.

Saturday 21 September 2019, training course for bloggers.

Thus the long awaited day arrived, we presented ourselves on tiptoe, to follow not only Silvia, but the speakers present.

Several topics were discussed at Blogging Camp, 21 September 2019, bursting not only with the formation of the day on a professional level, but also on a personal level. We always say that the beauty of this work is above all the human side. Knowing people and creating bonds is always more beautiful. We have made new encounters, with some of the bloggers known in this event we still feel and we hope the relationships will become more and more beautiful. Many participants from different parts of Italy and from Switzerland.

The topics covered all reported to the blog, to the theme of blogging and we were right there to learn. We have learned that we must choose well the people to whom we entrust our own creation. Often the blog is like a child, it must be cared for with all the patience of the world, loved every day otherwise it becomes increasingly difficult to send a passion forward if it dies.

From this course what we have understood is not only to dedicate the right time, but how to program it to make the most of it. Not to mention the importance of Seo, this often so unknown, but indispensable for living on the web.

Next year who knows, but this time we say thanks to blogging camp for giving us this wonderful experience. If you are also thinking of opening a blog, we advise you to follow Silvia and her courses. If you need good / excellent hosting, we recommend the one that we are using Siteground.

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