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Today we wanted to talk about makeup, how important in our daily lives. Nowadays there are lots of make-up brand, and often it is hard to choose the most appropriate to look more and more beautiful, the one that works for our skin.


  p2 cosmetics: quality for a perfect look!


We love to play with makeup, create and idealize make up new, but by adhering to the fundamental rule: to have good taste!

We recently tried some p2 cosmetics products: a young, glamorous and vibrant brand that is updated continuously following the latest trends and looks the most admired on the international catwalks.

All products are thoroughly tested in terms of skin and eye tolerability, thus offering quality at affordable prices, for lips, eyes, face and nails.

You can find these products comfortably in one of the many store OVS, great price and good quality!

We have tried the following products:

  • Full shine rouge lipstick: it is a creamy and intense lipstick, one of our favorites, because you can put it even if you have dry lips and no one will notice.
  • Bombastic mascara volume: 100% black, volumizing.
  • Luxurious eyeliner pen: black eyeliner, long-lasting and quick-drying, removable with water.
    Shades of nude, eye shadow palette is a palette containing four eyeshadow powder with nude-look effect.
  • Profil contouring blush: composed of three colors to sculpt the face by playing with shades and lights.
  • Up eye shadow color: deep blue-gray color with long-lasting primer. Intensifies the eyes and for those who have eyes clear them out even more.
  • Perfect face: spray the base of make-up and fixative for a perfect complexion.
  • Two glazes: last forever (deep red) and satin Supreme (pink silk effect).
  • Quick dry: spray that allows the quick-drying enamel.
  • Color correcting: pen fix nail polish without acetone and with jojoba oil; all ‘inside contains 3 spare tips.

Happy to have them tested, we found in these products of the pieces must-have in our beauty case. Here they will be with us on vacation: Lipstick ultracremoso and fiery red, mascara volume (which never hurts) and perfect face, to set makeup and summer that tends to melt before.

You have tried them? How did you find?



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You are both so pretty, what a good look!

Little Moon Elephant


Thanks Amy, kisses


Looks like nice products. Lipstick is nice colour. Gemma x


Thanks so much. Kisses


I’ve never heard of this brand but I need to try it!



Hi Molly, they are good products. Kisses

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