Versace men’s shirt or white and women’s trend?

Versace men’s shirt, we happened to see it everywhere, not only the original version, but also in smaller brand stores. What do you think of this fancy shirt for males at home? Considering also the fact that not all boyfriends and husbands are exercising, how could this fantasy fit them? I, on the other hand, … Continue Reading

Holidays in Sardinia 2019 or in the city, for those who do not go on holiday?

Also this year I will make vacations in Sardinia 2019, but because of so much work to do I have to go to the beach after August. If in the meantime I had to find a last-minute maybe a little thought I’ll do it. Sardinia is waiting for me, but in the meantime, most of … Continue Reading

Marriage in August yes or no?

Marriage Pamela Prati, this was and is the news that has made the most buzz for a few months now. There was no talk of anything else and they still talk about it. But besides these fake news there are also those that run in real life. Certainly the newspapers do not report the marriages … Continue Reading

Sunglasses 2019, mysterious woman?

Sunglasses have always been a must for the summer season. At the beach, for a walk or during an aperitif, the lenses can never be missing from your bag. The most prestigious fashion magazines, for some time have been proposing the models of the lenses that will be the trend this season. Let’s see together … Continue Reading

How to combine espadrilles? Summer models!

We who love shopping online, select unique pieces to offer and wear, we came across these beautiful Espadrilles. Oh yes … because wearing a pair of Espadrilles is immediately summer, you think of the sea and the days that get longer and get hotter and hotter. Let’s say that this article should have come out … Continue Reading

Make-up, here’s how to make brown eyes.

Lately we are getting more and more passionate about make-up. We are not only informing ourselves with various tutorials on the web, but we are following a real course. One of those courses that explains in detail what tools to use, how and why to use them. Often when you put make-up on you don’t … Continue Reading

Alberobello: a postcard from Puglia!

Hi girls how are you? I well, though, to be returned to work after so many holidays I have to say that is tough. Every so often I lose myself fantasizing through the streets of the city that I discovered on this trip, some totally new others already known. My vacation this year has been in … Continue Reading

The couch of your dreams, here’s how to relax!

Relax and comfort are definitely a necessity in the home of each of us, which is why it is important to create spaces to relax, concentrate and why not cultivate your passions. Our house is composed of two floors, in the upper one you will find a mega room OpenSpace where we created our relaxation … Continue Reading

Anti-cellulite sludge from Bottega Verde, In or Out?

How did you spend this long weekend of rain and clouds? I was on Saturday to try my wedding gown, and what about… I find it absolutely fabulous. They’re probably part of it, but for me it’s the most beautiful outfit I’ve seen so far. With the anguish in the heart that I can not … Continue Reading

Boho-chic wedding style, is it still fashionable?

We happen more and more often to face the theme of marriage. Who follows us knows that a few days still and Blery will no longer miss, but she will have chosen a wedding in boho-chic style? To find out all you have to do is follow us on the IG stories with the hashtag … Continue Reading