As every year, the fashion greats have chosen the colors that will influence the trends in clothing, accessories, make-up and even interior design in the next 12 months.

For 2021 the color will not be just one but two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (bright yellow).

Yes, you got it right, it’s about using two colors: gray and yellow!

We are still living in the gray winter days under a global pandemic, with the cold air that caresses our tired face and the energies that slowly abandon us.

We cannot deny that 2020 and the beginning of 2021 were difficult months for all of us, but we must find the strength to take our life in hand after the limitations of covid 19. Let’s start again from the small habits, the ones we had before that in the our lives entered the pandemic.

One of these small and beautiful habits was precisely to inform us about what the trends would be for the year to come and what would be the pantone colors that we would show off in all shades with the arrival of spring.

Pantone color institute reveals the colors of this 2021: Ultimate gray and Illuminating (bright yellow).

Why did the choice fall on these two colors?

The choice of a single color would have been of little significance given the era we are living in, so there was a need for a winning couple. They are winning because together they express solidity and brightness over time.

Cold colors, including gray, have always been recommended for the cold seasons and for contexts a little more sober, elegant and solid over time.

Warm colors like yellow, on the other hand, are the colors that create light and give brightness to any context.

We will find this combination in our wardrobe, in the design of our home and also in technology for at least the next 12 months.

How will they affect our wardrobe?

The gray that we will find displayed in the shop windows is very similar to the Nordic gray, neither too light nor too dark, but bright. The yellow, on the other hand, is super bright and illuminating.

The introduction of these two colors in our wardrobe must be gradual, choosing the garments that fit us best.

As we always say, it is not certain that these two colors combined together can enhance all types of physique or anyone’s complexion color; each of us is unique and you have to choose what suits us and values us.

If you always wear elegant and sophisticated clothes, ultimate gray is the color that best represents you, choosing garments such as wraparound coats, dresses and skirts. So why not play with yellow accessories?

For those who have the sun inside even in winter, choosing the yellow-gray combination is a double challenge.

Don’t panic sunny women, you can use yellow as the base of your outfit but by choosing something gray in small doses, believe me that together they make the outfit super.

What to buy in yellow and what in gray.

It is difficult to give precise indications, in the meantime, get a general knowledge of the garments that are already in your wardrobe of this color, so as not to risk duplication.

In any case, in the next purchases for the spring, my advice is to focus on the following winning combinations:

  • gray trench coat and yellow dress
  •  gray suit with gold-colored buttons
  • yellow slim jersey trousers to combine with white shirts
  • bag and yellow belt with gray dresses

The combination of gray with yellow chromatic strength expresses a message of positivity and solidity, what do you think of this combination of Pantone 2021 colors?

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