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In just over a month, the calendar marks an important date: that is, the fulfillment of my 30 years. You remember the movie “The Beautiful Women”, the initial initials ended on that date, August 25, and I wondered why and if I must be honest I never understood it.

Paperless: welcome with a click and super chic!

Let’s go back to us and my birthday! 30 years are an important milestone for a woman, they are counting on successes and failures, too much pounds, cellulite, not having a boyfriend (but mostly for choice and for my adorable character :-)) . Let’s say that at some point in our life we ​​all sooner or later felt a bit ‘Bridget Jones!

About this, I was thinking of organizing a party between friends and relatives, to stay together and have fun together. The years that pass do not frighten me, indeed, fill me with wisdom and maturity.

Choosing the date and place of the party I was thinking of invitations. I would not like a banal invitation, or the classic ticket to be delivered by hand; This time I was thinking of using the Web and sending virtual postcards.

Among the many sites I’ve seen, I’ve been hit by Paperless, where you can find several cues for our online invitation, actually not just about birthdays. On their site you are really spoiled for choice, there are invitations for weddings, birthdays, baptisms, reminders, thanks and so on.

Once you choose the card you prefer, you just have to personalize it and send it to all your guests, what I did for my own. I really like the idea and also the surprising effect of who opens the e-mail and finds the invitation.

I chose a cocktail card, I was impressed with the design, the colors and the slice of lemon, the cheerfulness and the carelessness in seeing it. It seemed to me perfect for my party on the beach, barefoot on the sand and stopping music to dance until the night goes by. I show you in the photos my invitation, to see everything instead click on the word Paperless and there will be a magnificent world.

Did you ever send invitations online? Are you the traditional or innovative method? What do you think of these cards?

Tell me about your experience!







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