A few weeks ago I was at Lake Garda, more precisely in Riva del Garda, for a trip out of town and spend New Year’s Eve. That morning, in Milan the sun was shining and so, (although I’m super chilly, now you may have guessed), I decided to wear a skirt. I love skirts, in the cupboard I’ll have at least thirty without exaggeration, of all types, colors and lengths.

We climb into the car and head to our half, Riva del Garda. A beautiful town between lake and mountains, colorful houses, the green of the lake that goes perfectly with the green of my parka.

Parka green color: here the way  I wore it !

White september: wedding dresses!


This parka hit me as soon as I saw it, as in so many by now you know I’m going with a lot of impulse purchases, they speak little and buy much. So when I saw it in the window I did not think twice about it, I went, I swiped my credit card and I went out with happiness in my heart. You also feel so when you buy something you like? They are the only extravagant and obsessed with shopping?

Well indeed it also said that green is Pantone color par excellence in 2017.

To complete my outfit plus skirt, sweater and parka, wearing a pair of suede boots blacks H & M and bag cream with miniborsetta in burgundy, (double bag). My big scarf that I love, bought on asos perfect for winter days.

I find that the parka is a leader very versatile, you can wear it with dress pants, which with jeans and skirts, in the daytime, but at night too. My next ?? It will surely be with the colored hair, super colorful, maybe pink or yellow … why not.

For those who still have not got to see it, in this beautiful place I was inspired to make my first vlog, I leave you the link. Only advice to see him until the end, because it is right at the end comes the best … laughter to go go.



-Parka green color: here the way  I wore it !-


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Love the green parka. You look great:)


Thanks dear!


Loving this winter ensemble and the location of these photos are everything!

Dakota D.
Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413


Thanks dear,
if you want you can see also the vlog here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McFBDJCQWVY&t=13s

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