Goodmorning beauties, how much do you love your cat? As much as we do? Then you just have to read this article because we talk about its well-being.
Lately we have discovered the product Perfect Fit Formula Total 5 which, in addition to being a good product 🙂 no .. we have not tasted it, but observing our cat tells us exactly this – also has so many properties that are good for his health.

Perfect Fit 5 benefits in 1: love for our cat!

Why is it called Perfect Fit Formula Total 5?

Simple, because it brings with it 5 benefits in 1:

• Helps to maintain a healthy weight thanks to the combination of proteins – L-carnitine – and the right calories
• Wellbeing of the urinary tract thanks to the balancing of minerals
• Improves digestion with high quality and highly digestible rice and protein
• Strengthens natural defenses thanks to taurine, vitamin E and vitamin C
• Cat skin and hair in excellent health, biotin, zinc and sunflower oil, a natural source of omega 6 fatty acids that help keep skin and hair healthy
Let’s say that it has all the properties that our cat’s food should have.

Perfect Fit – someone said cat?

At the beginning our cat did not seem to particularly appreciate it, a bit like us when we taste something for the first time, but after we put the food in the bowl, it will have been the curiosity or the hour of the baby food … it has dived and he devoured everything.
That day we also had another cat in our house, a friend of ours, and so they started eating and fighting when there was nothing left.
Let’s say that the experience of our cat teaches, the product must be good and good.

What products do you use for your cats’ food? Have you ever tried the Perfect Fit? What was your experience?

For those who still do not know this product and it is curious to try it on your pelosa here is the link of the site:

Tell us we are curious to know your impressions.





P.s Do you want to know a lot more about cats? So I recommend you read this blog “The Pet Blogger”


Perfect fit

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