Personal Styling: an extra help to look beautiful with the right look!


Good morning maidens,

how many of you want to change your look to be more beautiful for spring? We very much … in this regard these days we were looking for a beauty salon that can meet our needs.

Personal Styling: to create the right look!

Not only beauty!

Often hairdressers are our “Angels of beauty”, but we must carefully choose who to rely on. That’s right, we happened several times to come in from a hairdresser, express our desire and how we wanted to be and get completely different from what was required. A small example that we believe has happened to most of us women. Enter the hairdresser happy by asking for a new haircut and then when you look at the mirror at the end of the work you do not recognize the cut that has performed on you, or ask for a little bit and go out with a helmet :-). Oh yes … it happens and it’s a bitter reality, so you need a personal styling before you even start.

In order to choose the perfect beauty salon for our image, you have to rely on the best professionals, Milan offers many possibilities in this, even if sometimes you risk getting a mistake. For this reason, even before choosing a new beauty salon to which we can rely, we read and get to know each other well. Exactly this we did before deciding that our next hairdresser to try will be the beauty salon “The Way of Lia by Professional’s”. We were very impressed by the professionalism and total look service offered to the clients of Mrs. Lia Giorgio (the owner), who collaborated with various professionals in fashion and beauty. To help its customers and potential customers more on their SITE, find out the episodes of Lia’s Way where he explains that with the help of a lookmaker we can have the desired change without bitter surprises.

The beauty salon il Modo di Lia offers top-level professionals who take care of their hair, advising and pampering their clients who remain satisfied while looking at another mirror for them. The Modo d Lia is also established in make-up and bridal hairstyles, to be radiant in the most beautiful day.

In addition to countless hair style services, the Lia Fashion salon also offers beauty and wellness services to always look its best.

In short, inside the salon, you will find your beauty angel who will do justice to your every request.

Have you ever been there? If yes, what was your experience?




Personal styling

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