How many times you happen to give up the trick to lack of desire or time to do it? Other times it happens to wear makeup and not remove make-up at all, especially when you do the small hours and sleep takes over. There is no wrong thing to go to bed without removing makeup.

The pleasure of make-up: Water make-up remover micellar Garnier!


The winter mornings are getting colder, take care of the skin is very important. The great thing about getting up and prepare calmly, the mirror that is a wonderful friend to our everyday look and here begins the stage make the day.

Do not you leave home without having laid the moisturizer, a foundation thread, much mascara and a hint of blush; Here we are ready to face our day.

We run all day between work, family, cocktails, dinner and various commitments, then the evening comes, and then it’s all for us. Via heels, skirt, jacket … we surrender to our soft pajamas (warm and cuddly), and we also diminish the trick to a beautiful and clean skin.

We for a long time now we have introduced in our beauty routine the micellar water; we find on the market of all types, today we want to tell you about our number one ally: MICELLAR WATER ALL IN 1 GARNIER.

Despite being on the market for more than 20 years, the micellar water is still a little-known product for its functions.

Initially it was used only by the makeup artist, to speed up the change make the models. Over the years they are then intuited the potential and comfort that might have for everyday use, with an affordable price to all, and then invade the perfumery market worldwide.

What’s the micellar water ?

For us it is an important beauty product that performs the functions of make-up remover and tonic together. A fast, gentle to remove make-up, for a clean and well moisturized.

Why we chose it?

Because the water micellar Garnier fully meets our needs as it is multi zone (you can safely use on eyes, face and lips), ultra-delicate (fragrance and paraben-free, so no rinsing and non-allergenic), and in maxi – format 400 ml to never run out.

We often struccarci with micellar water, imbeviamo a cotton pad, we let it sit for a few seconds on the eyes to remove mascara, then the rest of the face by insisting more on the T-zone.

The micellar water is not only a great cleanser, but it is mainly an excellent cleanser. The morning is ideal for removing impurities that your skin has cleared overnight, cleanse is the first step towards a skin that shines with health. Never forget the moisturizer to complete your beauty routine.

For those who have sensitive skin or mixed? Garnier afraid nothing has thought of that:

  • Sensitive skin – removes makeup, cleanses, soothes
  • Normal skin or mixed – removes makeup, cleanses and purifies
  • Two-phase with argan oil – removes makeup, cleanses and moisturizes (also removes the most resistant make-up)

You have already tested the water micellar Garnier? I like the innovation of this product?


-Blery & Ily-


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