Good morning beauty,

Today I want to talk to you about a trend that is very heartfelt: the basket bags.

Ever since they entered the passageways, I’m going to go crazy between the streets of the city and above all the sea. I love them, no matter what shape they have or what color they are for me, they do it in the summer.

Metropolitan picnic: the basket bags on the beach and to the city!

When I saw this basket from Zara I just could not resist it. From now on I said, “I must have it,” so without thinking twice and without fluttering I found myself in a box to buy my beloved straw handbag.

I personally find that the straw bags are perfect as well as the sea in the city. In town we can very well wear them for a walk or an aperitif with friends. If they are big enough to go to the thick and / or shopping, all of us are in love with the maxi bag. If medium and small size are perfect for the afternoon and evening on informal occasions.

Another very popular trend last year was that of the jacket on his shoulders. Loving the idea of ​​not keeping it in hand, let’s show the underwear you wear, remembers the men’s greetings in putting the jacket on the shoulders of women to protect them from the cold. The idea was perfect with both jackets, bomber and coats, no matter how long they were or when they were worn.

This autumn we will see that the jacket will be worn in another way, always very chic and elegant. For those who do not like wearing it all or just want to keep up with fashion trends, the jacket will be worn by letting a single shoulder discard or letting it slip on both.

The beautiful fashion is also this, it is renewed by keeping the original, not always changing it means denying the starting point. Always remember that fashion returns and returns, adding and removing it to be able to improve, but your style never has to fall.

The photos were taken in the beautiful Cesenatico, which with the Canal Port seems to lead to another era.

What do you say, do you like these trends?



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