Carnival is almost here and it’s time to choose the right mask for us. Yes you read right … today we speak of masks, but not what we wear in a few days to have fun like crazy, but the beauty trends of the moment. The “face mask” phenomenon exploded in 2016, but is still growing strongly and in 2017 we hear a lot.

How to take care of your skin: what mask are you?

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The face masks have become the trend of the moment in terms of cosmetics, they are an original proposal and immediate effect. Nowadays with super hectic life we ​​lead we need just this: face masks that give off in a short time their active ingredients and give it a fresh look, rested and looking at our face.

Web depopulated the hashtag “#multimasking”, ie post photos while wearing multiple masks simultaneously. The need of multimasking arises from the fact that the facial skin is different from area to area. Take for example the T-zone, usually the skin in this area is more oily and impure, then there are the cheekbones, where the skin tends to dry out, the lips, the eye, and so on. So the idea of ​​differentiating the mask according to the treated area is very important.

Apply a mask once or twice a week is essential, but even before you have to prepare the skin to receive the benefits that it provides, so first you have to clean and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Masks are a kind of activators of skin beauty, let us see some types of masks.

Of that mask are you?

Sheet mask: cotton masks or tissue, contain high concentration sera, thanks to their occlusive action allow an increased absorption of the active principles. After removing the mask, the serum is on the skin and continues to act.

Peel-off: all those masks that wiping become a film. Removing the film from the face-off will remove impurities. This mask combines the benefits of a cream and those of a scrub, leaving the skin clean thoroughly and soft to the touch.

In oil: this Estée Lauder mask promotes the self-repair of the skin during sleep. It is laid out like an oil on your face, massaging until completely absorbed and let sit overnight.


You want to know the news in terms of face masks?

The magnetic mask: the first of this kind will arrive in Italy in February (so we), has signed Dr. Brandt. It is a mineral mask, lies on the face and takes off with a special magnet that passes close to the face without touching it. This energizes the skin mask, stimulates cell renewal and eliminates signs of fatigue and stress.

What, we just have to wait and try it. You made use of masks? If so what?




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