It will be the fault of Cinderella, who thanks to the crystal shoe found her prince charming, or of Kate and Meghan who married Queen Elizabeth’s beloved grandchildren, but we all dream of being princesses for at least a day. Princess for a day in 2020 is still possible? Princesses are born or do you become?

Dreaming costs nothing, so why not catch the ball, just like Cinderella did and transform the pumpkin into a carriage, the one that will take you to the most exclusive event of 2020.

The Debutante Ball in Stresa is an event with a long tradition, making young girls dream for several years on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Origins of the Novice Dance

For those who still do not know, the Debutante Ball was born in France, and was intended to find the prince charming for the fortunate girls of noble origins. As we all know, not everyone could enjoy this privilege and for many it remained only a secret dream.

Today, on the other hand, in the frame of Lake Maggiore, Mrs Giovanna Pratesi takes care of giving a dream to all the girls who want to feel like princesses for a day.

This wonderful event, in the last 9 years has been managed by APEVCO (Verbano Cusio Ossola Events Promotion Association) with President Giovanna Pratesi, the 2019 edition took place at the Regina Palace Hotel in Stresa, the historical site of the event.
The 2020 edition will be special because we celebrate the tenth anniversary, which will always be held at the Regina Palace Hotel in Stresa Sunday 8 March 2020, are you ready to dream?

The pure Art Nouveau salons of this Hotel are the perfect setting for the Stresa Debut Ball, the same hotel where Miss Italy took its first steps.

Why participate in the Novice Dance?

Like me, you too will have dreamed several times of participating in such an event. Be careful though, that the debutante ball is not just a magical fairy-tale atmosphere and waltz turns. The young people who participate in this event, besides dreaming, learn a great deal.

Becoming princesses in our society is perhaps more difficult than in the past, but gives great personal satisfaction. For this reason the association tries to find the right combination of education (diction, psychology, communication, nutrition, bearing and many other everyday life issues), culture (tourist-cultural routes, the discovery of the territory) and charity (support for LILT – Italian League for the Fight against Cancer and the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation).

As you can see, there is nothing frivolous here. The girls learn to deal with topics related to real life, to grow not only beautiful, but also strong and aware.

Remember that, it takes both the sun and the rain to make the rainbow, in the end the result counts, with commitment, dedication and a touch of madness we can turn our dreams into reality.

So princesses are born or do they become? Be a princess of yourself!

ballo delle debuttanti

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