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How many times do we live in the search for the right gift for the various occasions? So much so, we will, but we really find the right gift, what really will please those who will receive it, leave the mark and be original?

Printed: 1000 original ideas for special gifts!


Often we dwell on the value that the gift has to have, we choose jewels that remain over time, holiday ideas to give, emotions to share and so on. This is for us the year of gift occasions. In addition to birthdays and festivals that are repeated every year, there are also wedding anniversaries of parents, relatives and friends, celebrities or celibacy celebrations, graduation parties or just a recurrence to remember.

The first week of July usually celebrates the pink night, what can be termed the Romantic New Year’s Day and we certainly could not miss it. However, we wanted to wear something that distinguished us, something that represents us and our blog and so we are entrusted with the PRINTFUL site.

On the Printful site you can find original ideas for just as original gifts. The site offers a wide range of services and items to personalize in everything and everything. From tee shirts to hats, skirts and pants, beach towels, dresses and socks, to the most common things like cups, pillows and paintings to decorate the environments best.

We have chosen to personalize two tee shirts, remaining in pink tones with the hashtags that represent our sisters’ tie and report the name of our blog. #BeHappy for Ily and #Besprint for tee worn by Blery. Absolutely fabulous experience ours! Speed ​​and professionalism must be recognized in this site, in addition to the quality of the materials.

The tees are 100% cotton, the print is well-printed and the colors as we have chosen them, can be washed safely in the washing machine without fear that print may be damaged and / or lose color intensity.

They are in America, for those who order from Italy the shipment takes place within 5-20 working days (the standard one), in 1-5 working days with traceable courier. Sometimes it’s worth waiting a bit more, even just to see the surprise in the eyes of those who receive a personalized gift. Emotions are worth more than 1000 words, do not you agree?

Have you ever made such gifts? Do you like the idea of ​​personalized gift?

Tell us your experience and if you are looking for something original do not forget to visit their site!





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hello.. post is amazing and you ideas are too.. thanks for sharing these wonderful tips


Thanks for appreciate it darling! Kisses

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