Autumn gray days have already begun to accompany us, the first fog in the morning along with the air brisk leave no room for the imagination … now we are at the doors of the winter, at least over here. My imagination flies, even if for a few seconds, my last weekend in Cesenatico … I could not certainly not greet the summer with another bath and a walk along the canal harbor.

Rainbow and black: so say goodbye summer!

Lines: Rainbow – marine style!

It was late September, and temperatures still allowed to wear sandals and skirts, take a bath and still enjoy the sun’s rays to prolong the tan. And here I am ready for the evening with this very easy outfit, a bit ‘as I like it when they are at sea, comfortable things, reading and above all they do not need to be ironed.

The wind was felt although there was still the sun, rainbow striped skirt, a vest super light and fluttering, flat sandal, bag in orange and dangling earrings in flower. For when the sun and the cold takes over here is my ultra-light down jacket, warm and above all takes up little space in your bag too. An aperitif or a dinner outdoors overlooking the canal harbor is truly magnificent, and if you’re comfortable and warm even better :-), word of a super chilly.

I leave you with the photos of my outfit and as always waiting for your comments.

Kiss Kiss


Outfit details:

Knitting: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Sandals: No Brand

Purse: Zara

Earrings: Mango

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lovely skirt and bag! very chic outfit

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Thanks dear!


Your purse looks amazing.. Love the environment..
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Thanks darling!
Have a nice day.


Pretty bag and I love the rainbow skirt.


Thank you Shopie, i love its! Kiss

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