Hello girls, today we talk about two well-known brands: Yves Rocher and Essence.

We have known the Yves Rocher line for many years, for a few months Blery and not only did she also represent, however in our experience we never had the chance to try the BB cream. We therefore take the opportunity to tell you about it in this article, where with the help of one of our collaborators, we tested the product for you. Of the Essence line, instead we have heard about it and we have also participated in various events, but the eyewear had not yet been used.

Review make up:

BB cream Yves Rocher

Let’s start with the first brand, the BB cream Yves Rocher, at first glance we focus on its fantastic smell, well if there is one thing we love in a cosmetic is the perfume, in addition to the quality. This cream as well as having a pleasant fragrance is also endowed with freshness.

For those who have imperfections and who tend to have a tendentially oily skin is not recommended, you should opt for another more covering product, as the bb cream has a very natural effect. Our coworker’s skin tends to be oily, there are times when she has a lot of pimples, so the product is not suitable for her complexion.

Application advice: perfect for applying a moistened beauty sponge, because it is difficult to spread it manually. The most suitable period of use is undoubtedly the summer, let’s not forget that the skin needs to breathe with particularly hot temperatures.

However, we do not feel that we are expressing a negative judgment, because having tried almost all Yves Rocher products, some satisfied and others less so, the product in question is not among our prerogatives, but we would like to recommend it to girls looking for a natural effect, which do not have many imperfections to cover.

 Essence eyeshadow

We tested the Essence’s eyesshadow: the velvets, melted chrome. The colors are delicate, but they do not stretch at all easily, furthermore for a long duration it is necessary to use the primer. For a metallic effect, it can also be taken with the tip of the brush slightly wet.

What to say? If you are looking for an unusual color suitable for every day these eye shadows will do for you, you will have a nude effect. In short, the colors are the top, but the quality is not the best.

Reviews are purely subjective, each person has a personal taste for the product he is testing.
Curious to know your opinion, have you already tried them?

We leave you the photos of this spring make up review.

bb cream yves rocher trucco review make up make up

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