Sale Zara 2019 is the downfall of many of us. We know well and we understand if you also confirm us to be one of your favorite stores. We can easily admit that we dress Zara and adore the Spanish brand, can stand out and is never trivial.

Let’s say that Zara offers a nice variety of clothing, you can find clothes for both young and those who now have passed thirty and want to dress young yes, but with class. We are used to select different items during the year and then wait for the sales in January and give free rein to the imagination and credit card fund.

It would be nice if all our shopping stopped at sales, but it is not so, but over the years we have been able to manage the impulse to buy everything that is exposed and responsible shopping.

How do you say you buy responsibly? Balances Zara 2019 should not become the bane of your bank account.

First, do a thorough examination of the wardrobe, look good what we already have, if we still like it or we are comfortable and understand what is still doing in our wardrobe. Select those items that you do not want anymore and donate them to those who need them, select those that we like, but maybe we do not know how to match and why not wear and decide what would be the case to buy.

For example, we know that by doing so we free up space in the closet and actually go buy what we need. Of course, however, we can not renounce entirely to the rules that the season dictates. This year, super long coats and Teddy Bear go so much, if you do not have one it would be a good remedy. They keep warm and are super fashion.

You can not give up the chemisier clothes that go well both as a dress this season, obviously with a heavy coat when you are outdoors, and to be used as a light coat when spring comes.

We want to buy a new bag and a pair of shoes with sales? Of course, yes, then go ahead with boots and ankle boots total white, super chic and really matched with everything. A beautiful black bag instead, small to medium size to have as a passepartout certainly can not be missing from the list. If instead you are for the special bags read here and we are sure you will be amazed.

What have you bought with these zara 2019 sales? We are still dealing with what we need to not spend and spread, also because this year will already be wasteful of his, Blery the spendthrift gets married 🙂

Zara bag zara boots zara coat



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