Goodmorning beauties,

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you have to think about what to give for the day of love.

Personally it is not a party that I particularly love, I believe that love should be celebrated all year and day by day. I find that by now it has become a commercial party, not very sentimental, even if it is always a pleasure to receive a nice present.

Valentine’s Day … what to give?

Valentine’s Day perfumed with Acqua Dell’Elba!

This article is dedicated to men as for us women, because Valentine’s Day gift must not be taken for granted, chocolates and flowers as beautiful and good as they are a bit ‘what anyone expects.

I would rather propose a completely different gift idea, a perfume that is worn all year round just as love must be celebrated. The beauty of giving or being given a perfume is that every time you wear it you think about the moment we received it and the importance that binds us to that moment.

Although a perfume is difficult to give because it is very personal, there are perfumes that put everyone in agreement just like Acqua Dell’Elba.

Beautiful, elegant and refined in its gift box, the perfume Arcipelago woman + perfumed heart that incorporates the theme of love. That’s right … a beautiful heart that delights your sight when you hold your gift box in your hands. Maybe I just love to unwrap the presents and see what is hidden in the box, but it was a wonderful surprise to see that in addition to the perfume there was also this elegant and delicious little heart.

Beautiful to give to your sweetheart, dear boys I’m talking to you, or dear friends even car to give yourself because the most important love is what we feel first of all for ourselves.

I just have to wish you a good Valentine’s Day and remember to love and love each other without taking anything for granted.

Perfumed kisses with Acqua dell’Elba!


San Valentino

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