Sardinia is the destination of my summer holidays. Summer 2019 still brings us back to Sardinia for two weeks. One of the two destinations we chose to spend our holidays, we had already visited a few years ago. Sardinia summer 2019 the goals that will make us dream.

Cabras is the first destination. We do not yet know what to expect and what we will actually find, but as good organizers (more my husband than me) we have already studied the area well. I say more my husband because he loves to organize everything to the smallest detail, but I love finding myself on the spot and exploring all that the land that hosts me has to offer me.

Vacation destinations 2019!

My second destination for these holidays will instead be Porto Pino with beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and white dunes to look like a real postcard. I visited Porto Pino a few summer ago, but I really like going back there. In my humble opinion, the dune beach is one of the most beautiful in Sardinia and Italy. If you don’t believe me, follow me on Instagram stories and I’ll show you this wonderful beach. What I absolutely love about this beach is the sand, fine end under the feet, white to illuminate everything even in the evening, clear clear water and low tide. Let’s say it’s really a heavenly place.

Summer vacation 2019, my little luggage!

Anyone who knows me knows that two weeks of vacation with hand luggage are impossible for me to do. This year we decided so, only hand luggage having the plane late at night from Bergamo airport and we didn’t want to waste too much time on baggage claim on our arrival in Cagliari. If you haven’t visited yet, Cagliari is another city worth a visit.

We will arrive in Sardinia around 11.45 pm and did not want to waste any more time, so we leave only with hand luggage. You will be thinking that my husband has booked everything without consulting me and instead it is not so. When booking flights, to your question: “hand luggage only”? I answered YES. He was also incredulous, perhaps more than I, that I was able to leave with a hand luggage suitcase. My holiday in Sardinia for this summer 2019 will be all in a small suitcase.

Can two weeks and hand luggage be?

What do you think about it? Is it possible to take two weeks of vacation using only hand luggage? Usually we women, but not all, take many things on vacation, it almost seems that we have to move to never return. Usually I always try to bring the essentials, but I still don’t understand how it can happen, that essential always becomes more than necessary.

Mind you, this year I have a mission to accomplish. Hand luggage, this will be my mission for the holidays in Sardinia summer 2019. I have to carefully choose everything that I will have to put in my suitcase. I have not yet prepared the suitcase in question. I still have a few days to go, but I know exactly what I want to put into it.

  • Short dresse, just like that, this year I love short dresses, those with bright colors, whites and mustard. I love being able to wear clothes that are good both day and night, so as to make the most of them by creating different combinations.
  • Skirts and shorts, these garments are also perfect to combine with tees. I love simple, monocolor tees so they are easy to match for winning looks.
  • Flat and heeled sandals. Let’s say that Sardinia is not a land that lends itself to heels 12, correct me if I’m wrong. I prefer flat sandals more on holiday, they allow you to walk without getting tired and to explore the area. But I love being a little bit more beautiful in the evening, so I will also wear sandals with a little square heel, those that have been in vogue for a couple of summers in this part. Let’s say that even in this case they are perfect both for days, and in the evening, when you go to the restaurant and then to walk.
  • Finally, tricks cannot be missed. I don’t usually wear make-up so much in summer, but in my beautycase there must be at least the essentials. I always carry a moisturizer, BB cream to even out the color, mascara … I love voluminous eyelashes and some lipsticks. Lipstick is that beauty product that can change make-up unless you tell it.
My little suitcase!

What do you say, will I be able to put everything in my suitcase without it having a hard time closing? I also have to deal with the purchases I make on the spot, because I love buying souvenirs of the place, objects and magnets to stick on my fridge. I like it when I get home at dinner time, sit down and see where I’ve been. Buying a magnet has become a ritual. Do you buy them?

I am convinced that a suitcase is full of clothes and full of memories. On my return from Sardinian holidays, I will tell you if my suitcase and the desire to leave only with hand luggage was a right choice. I will show you the places I will visit and maybe give you some little advice to organize your Sardinian vacation.

sardinia summer 2019



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