Now we are in the middle of summer, among the many accessories that bring a breath of novelty and freshness in our beauty routine can not miss the scented water and summer fragrances.

And as Coco Chanel said: “A woman should wear her perfume wherever she would like to be kissed”.

The fragrant creations of the moment have as their theme the sophisticated femininity, which tells the story of a woman free to express herself in her entirety, embracing her own uniqueness.

We know well we women: that with the arrival of the heat and the good weather, we feel more energetic and euphoric. We want at all costs the summer on; that is represented by a beautiful dress, super trendy sunglasses, sandals with heels and the inevitable fragrance, which makes us unique and unforgettable! Precisely for this reason, many of us, abandon the heavy make-up with strong colors and fragrances with notes of intense fragrances to leave room for a light and fishy make-up, and notes of floral and sensual fragrances.

Porfumed water-summer fragrances: Vanitosa style!

What can not miss in our cosmetic bags to better face this summer 2018?

The scented water of course: there are many and is the best solution to wear all over the body. They are often enriched with moisturizing and soothing ingredients that help to relax the mind and body, generally free of alcohol, to be so for the skin even under the burning sun.

It’s time to choose the new perfume that will accompany us throughout the summer season … We have made our choice:

we are Vanitosa style! 

Vanitosa is a young brand that was founded in 2018 and focuses mainly on body care, addressing mainly young and informal clients.

Just launched two fantastic lines:

Fragrant perfumed water: five mouth-watering and impalpable novelties (vain sweet, vanitosa rebel, vain snappy, vain energy and vain fanny) with nourishing and invigorating properties that will envelop the skin of each one of us with delicate freshness.

Hydrating moisturizing: “Hydrayoung” product line which includes five specific products (soothing and moisturizing facial mousse, smoothing and emollient face exfoliant, moisturizing and emollient face cream, nourishing and soothing body cream, regenerating and intensive facial serum) to perform a moisturizing function on the most important areas of our body. All products are 100% made in Italy and above all not tested on animals.

As we said above, we are lovers of scented water and so we chose Vanitosa Rebel (a water inspired by the bright summer days, fresh and delicious fragrance that contains the hint of hazelnut cream, caramel and coconut and precious essences of orange , bergamot and jasmine) and Vanitosa Snappy (water inspired by the divas of other times, contains in her heart extracts of Aloe vera and Serina for an unforgettable anti-Age effect.)

But how to use this scented water to have all the benefits?

You can apply it all over your body after the shower as a perfumed tonic or spray it as often as you want during the day for more hydration. As you can see, we use it both at home and on vacation and we really like the feeling of fragrant freshness that it leaves on the skin.

Do you love friends carefully choose the scent that will characterize your summer? What do you think about scented water (face / body / hair)?

Let us know what kind you love …

Perfumed kisses

-Blery &Ily-

acqua profumata

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