Not sure what to delegate to us?

If you want advice, start by delegating us few tasks, those that take you more time, that you don’t particularly love and that you don’t like.

Remember that you are NOT obligated to take care of every aspect of your business, you cannot do everything by yourself. Do what you like and why you are carrying and you won’t feel like working a day.

The rest delegate to us … your Virtual Assistants!

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Here are some services we can offer you!

Virtual assistance!

  • Remote assistance
  • Agenda and send reminder management
  • Reminder important dates
  • Management and organization of mail and digital archive
  • Data entry
  • Preparation of Powerpoint presentations
  • Pre-post sales assistance
  • Support for order management, supplier search and preventive requests
  • Transcription of texts from audio / video files
  • Correction and layout of texts for ebooks, websites and blogs
  • Travel organization
  • Search and purchase business gifts
  • Internet searches
  • Personal Assistant service (research and online purchases, weekly expense management, event and travel organization)
  • Electronic invoicing
  • I solicit payments
  • Passive billing
  • Schedule management and payments



We make editors, we have always loved books and stories, we fight against commas that are not in their place, characters that do the same, dialogues that don’t know what to express, but that I want to tell a story.

Even if sometimes it is very tiring to correct the work of others, we like to do it, we are passionate about the stories we correct, the project that is entrusted to us, the characters we know while reading, and we would like that sometimes the stories would never end.

Do you have a manuscript to fix and do you want to know what types of editing we offer, how we work and how much we cost?



Image consulting!

If instead you only needed an image consultancy, let’s evaluate and understand together what the right dress and make-up for you could be.

  • Evaluation of physical fitness
  • Of the colors you love, hate and those that could be good for you
  • Of clothes to wear on different occasions
  • Of make-up that makes beautiful and increases self-esteem

Wedding: for future brides and wedding planners

You are a future bride and you have no time to look for suppliers, the right ideas, images and realize your dreams … delegate and we will put everything on paper for you. The most beautiful collaborations come from the stories, you tell us your story and by listening we elaborate your ideas to make them come true. Tell us what you want, what you want and we will find the right solutions to offer to your suppliers or your wedding planner.

Are you a wedding planner, immersed in the daily tasks of your business and as anxious brides near the SI? Don’t you have the right time to keep track of everything with due care? Ask and delegate to us what could be a distraction for you. Together we will work to achieve the same goal, making your brides happy and accompanying them to their dream.


Services for blogs / portals / editorials

There are products, clothes, bags, shoes and various accessories that have a lot to tell. They tell about the wearer and the personality, they tell through form and colors. We like to be able to interpret them better and share with our readers.
Then there are services that give emotions, trips for example that make us dream and we like to tell them and get excited together.

Content creator:

Are you a clothing, accessories, beauty brand or do you offer services and you need articles and / or photos specifically designed for you, contact us as well.

You are a magazine or a portal and you need articles designed for you, we can evaluate together texts and / or photos for your needs. We cooperate throughout the Italian territory.

  • We develop articles in line with the categories covered by our blog and beyond, the articles we develop can be hosted on our blog for you, or on your blog / portal.
  • We create photographs and / or videos of products
  • We participate in events / press day / blog tour
  • We review tourist products and destinations.

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