Autumn, this beautiful season full of colors and flavors. You start to feel the frizzy air, a bit ‘of chilly and so we do not know what to wear. Check shirt to steal from boyfriend is my proposal. I am a person who likes to dress light even in winter, often my friends tell me I’m crazy when they see me wearing shoes without socks, but I love décolleté.

I put the outfit that I wear in these photos at the last moment, just like that, call of friends who told us if we wanted to go out for dinner together. Then I open the closet and as always I have a 10 minute of panic … the question is always the same: “What do I wear”?

Check shirt to steal from boyfriend!

Do not panic, I made an easy look, but still nice and comfortable. The plaid shirt, or tartan print is one of the must haves of both last year and this fall winter. If you do not already own one you are spoiled for choice and you find it at super affordable prices in chains like H & M, where I bought it myself.

Here I decided to wear it with a white cropped jeans and three-colored décolleté, not those of Italy 🙂 A shirt like that you can wear it safely even with a short skirt, the shirt above maybe with a belt double buckle to make it even more elegant.

If instead you have the boyfriend who loves this kind of print you can steal his, to me that of my boyfriend is very good mini dress, so I take this opportunity to wear with black tights, hells or ankle boots, double buckle belt and cap cowboy style!

What do you think, do you like the proposal? How do you usually wear it? I can not wait to find out if you, like me, steal clothes from your boyfriend every now and then, always nice to readjust them and turn them over to us not ?!

Kisses girls!





Outfit details:

Cropped jeans: Zara

Tartan shirt: H&M

Hells: Bonprix

Bag: Zara

Camicia a quadri


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