I the cold has now reached Milan too, but sometimes we love to challenge the weather like Ily did in the photo with the mural behind him. In this article we want to show you how to match a puff sleeved shirt, whether they are the latter long or short does not matter.

Femmeluxe is a site that we have discovered for some months now and as you can see we give ourselves to the mad joy of buying online. No matter what clothing you have in mind on their site you can really find everything. If you fancy a top different from the suns, one of those cheeky and fashionable on their site you find it. If, on the other hand, you are also thinking about what to wear for the upcoming holidays, then we suggest you visit the page dedicated to Glitter Dresses or Party Dresses.

This time Ily decided to buy two Tops with short sleeves and the other with long sleeves. The sleeves of both are puffy, similar you can find them even in shop windows around the city. We can safely say that this year the puffy sleeved shirt is the most popular.

How to combine a puff sleeved shirt in winter

In summer the problem does not arise, women’s t-shirts can be easily matched both with skirts and pants, but how can we do it in winter? Ily decided to combine the long sleeve top with high-waisted pinstripe trousers, while the short sleeve top with high-waisted leather trousers. In this way, only a part of the belly remains uncovered, but with a nice wraparound coat over it, one does not suffer from the cold. We say that if we want we can also wear purely summer clothes in winter, but always cover ourselves well and without getting cold. We are used to using short sleeved tops in both summer and winter.

t-shirt donna
maglietta maniche a sbuffo

Among the many things purchased could not miss this beautiful suit of checkered suit. Ily always wears it in the short-sleeved shirt version, but this season would be perfect to wear even with a turtleneck underneath, in this way it keeps you warm and is equally fashion. Preferably white.

tuta fantasia check

All you have to do is go to their website and go shopping, you can also find beautiful women’s suits.

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