July with the good that I want you… just like that, not only because we are fond of summer and holidays, but also and especially because July is the month of sales, the many expected balances summer.

We challenge anyone not to feel in paradise inside the shopping centre Fiordaliso, 130 stores of all kinds there and expect us to give free rein to shopping and take home everything we want at super discounted prices. July is just the time when most of us part or are preparing to leave for the holidays, so what could be better than a bit of healthy shopping to pack?

What if you don’t have a suitcase? No problem, whether you want to renew the old one or buy a bigger and beautiful cornflower you will surely find your perfect travel companion. But we all know that it is not enough to just have the suitcase to shout holiday, also serves that beautiful costume/bikini that is so summer 2018, in addition to the flip flops at the last scream, the bag for the beach, the straw hat and sunscreen.

Shopping time at Rozzano’s Fiordaliso!

But while we are there and the sales we like so much… then that is bad to spend a bit ‘ of money, in the end the summer balances arrive once a year and as we always say we must absolutely seize the opportunity and immerse themselves in the shopping malls as the Cornflower, which offer the opportunity to really find everything you want.

The dress for the evening, maybe White and long that stands out the tan, a beautiful bag of straw/wood that adapts perfectly to a holiday by the sea, colored enamel orange color, so much rimmel and we are perfect.

See how many things you can buy in one mall? Shopping Time!

So many, yes girls and boys you are reading, is shopping time, the right time of year to shop. Maybe for those who are thinking of changing furniture, add furnishing accessories, redecorate the wardrobe or just buy a jewel or a vacation can do. Remember, however, that shopping time must be a beautiful moment of relaxation or to share and from fiordaliso you can make many breaks between one purchase and the other.

We absolutely adore this time of year… who like us? Raise your hand who loves to shop. What did you buy beautiful with these summer salts?

Kisses Girls!


shopping time

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