The desire of every woman feel beautiful, be stylish and have an enviable look, then almost always the answer to these wishes is: the Shopping!

The pico of us women cliché is certainly being in front of the closet and think they have nothing nice to get but nothing … from mistakes, many women abandon themselves to compulsive shopping and closet stuff accumulates not finally …

Shopping: vintage or modern?

Skirt: Vintage style!


For this reason we must make an important choice before you plunge headlong in ‘beloved shopping: wonder if you feel vintage or modern.

Shopping: Vintage

The clothes of the past is always on fashion because they make the unique style, timeless and personal.

For those who love this style the advice I can give is:

To discover the flea markets (never underestimate them because you can find beautiful clothes at affordable prices)

-never, ever combine two different patterns in a vintage look (too crippled forever)

-not buy vintage clothes grandmother effect, but only heads of style that are replicated in the years

-if you manage to show off safely a vintage outfits, then keep doing it because you found your style.

Shopping: modern

As for modern shopping, maybe it’s the easiest to find, match, mix …

The advice I can give:

-not force yourself to wear clothes that are not for you, you should never imitate the mannequin shop windows

-word order: personality! Buy trendy clothes without betraying your “I”

-open your closet, make a list of what you are missing and try to make some sort of mix and match

-tornate met at home, imagining behind those clothes.

If you follow these little tips in shopping, each finding their own style, there will be no need to chase the famous brand all over the world with the exorbitant prices in order to feel beautiful, charming, popular and fashionable.

Always remember friends, that every outfit created is a way of being … dream, dare, play and love fashion because each of us has many facets that must still pull it out to be unique.

You as you feel when you go shopping? Do you recognize yourself in this article?

In the images that follow, I propose both vintage and modern look for inspiration.

See you soon


                                                                              Look vintage

anni 50

capi-e-accessori-in-pieno-stile-anni-50-per-un-look-vintage gonne-midi1

           Look modern

relish-collezione-donna-ai-2014-15-04 mango-pe-2016-1000-34 nuova-collezione-sisley stradivarius-abbigliamento-2016-preview



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It’s a great post about fashion. Do you have any other posts about fashion ideas. Like this one:


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