The 2018 edition of Sì SposaItalia ended recently and we certainly couldn’t miss it. What better occasion to be able to dream and know the 2018 trends in wedding dresses? Between events and fashion shows, all that remains is to leave room for romance and that’s exactly what we did when passing from one stand to another, looking at and touching fluttering dresses, full of lace and beads embroidered by hand, delicate and enchanting at the same time.

The first thing we did, once we arrived at the fair, was to attend the Bellantuono and Blumarine bridal fashion show. Bows, lace, tulle and transparencies would make every bride a fairy. Among the many models we have seen, our favorites are definitely these.











si sposaitalia










What better union to see wedding dresses than to have your mother next to you? Oh yes, that’s right, we wanted to take her with us to this fashion show and to the event of Sì SposaItalia, to show her the 210 collections that were present. It seemed to be immersed in a fairy tale, so much white and so much candor, in addition to the emotions in seeing the designers who put their creations on the models’ bodies in full. Only in small gestures we understand the love and passion behind creating a single dress. That dress that will one day make you happy who wears it to crown your dream.

On wedding dresses there would be so much more to say and write, but we are always of the idea that an image is worth a thousand words 🙂

Si spositalia a dream come true!

As we all know, another key element on the wedding day is shoes. We all want to look beautiful, tall and slim, absolutely to shoes with heels, but why not change them at some point? Suffering from sore feet on that day would be counter-productive, especially during the party that takes place dancing with friends and relatives. Just to be able to do the crazy in comfort we liked very much the idea of ​​the wedding sneakers, but yes also to the dancers … We leave you some models here. What do you think about the change of shoes?
Sì Sposaitalia si sposaitalia

Have you ever been to this fair of dreamy clothes? If so, what do you think?

There are also clothes for the guests not only for future brides.

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