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Last fall-winter there has been much talk of shoes worn with socks on sight. For spring/summer just as, in fact, we’ve seen wear slippers with socks, sandals with socks, pumps and so on.

The stockings were protagonists: white, black, colorful, showy etc, so you had and you are spoilt for choice.

Socks Shoes: socks and heels or not!?

Mother’s day: special gift with Lush!

Fashion designers have decided to combine the two things and bring on the catwalk the socks shoes!

What will never be the socks shoes?

Your shoes are the most trendy PE 2017 stocking version caused a sensation. Are the trend more offbeat catwalk, we find them in funny, sports, comfort, say that fashion designers have definitely got to indulge in creating them.

Among the fashion icon are definitely Balenciaga boots, on STILEO : stiletto heel and a brightly colored socks snug fitting and abstract patterns.

Fendi offers the sporty chic, revisiting the heeled Bootie pattern enhanced by fusing them with socks.

Dolce & Gabbana takes the ball and create its own model of socks shoes. Two masters of the refinement couldn’t expect anything different, black pumps with scorners that wrap in the foot with extreme sensuality.

Think I have always opted for the socks!

I couldn’t wear shoes with matching heel socks even in midwinter, but now some pattern among those offered by fashion guru I do not mind at all.

What do you think about?

Among those seen absolutely Yes:

Sweet & Gabbana for the refinement,

Veronique Leroy pastels,

has its own because even the version of socks shoes by Anya Hinarch.


Like Yes, we also have the No:

Salvatore Ferragamo aesthetically little belle,

Balenciaga too long,

Fendi too quirky,

not even for the Maison Margiela.


They say everyone has different tastes, mine is a personal opinion. What are your Yes and no?




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I think this is really cool trend!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Thanks dear, but not all are beautiful.


I like tat trend but I can’t wear it! ha ha


Hahahha we also!


interesting trend, but I’m not sure it was for me!


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