The warm season is approaching and with it the desire to bring out spring clothing. Dressing in a lighter way is the first thing we think about, when some more sunshine makes us company. This year the soft colors will be the most used on spring clothing, there is no question of this aspect, seasonal trends are setting the law.

It will therefore be a soft spring, with pastel colors, a perfect mix and match of the 70s. In the new season the fabrics become lighter, the colors warm up bringing with them the desire to experiment. Sleeves are puffed, always wider and protagonists. Dresses become long and romantic, the exposed lingerie and the spring-style leather bikers. The soft, pleated dress is broken for a cheeky biker touch in black leather or eco-leather, perfect for not feeling the air of the even cool evenings.

Some combination of fluttering and flowing dresses, the lace details, the leather to break and the accessories above indicate the desire to live an open-air season. The floral prints that we see in the dresses, both soft and colorful flowers, make it clear that spring has arrived.

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colori tenui
colori tenui

This is the moment when the season changes, where the wardrobe takes shape and transforms itself, to accommodate blazers, trench coats, cardigans that can be used as outerwear for light clothes. This is also the time to take out your credit card, always consciously, to buy the missing pieces in order to be in step with the season.

We know well that we are living in a time of fear, where the coronavirus is paralyzing entire cities, but we must strive and think positively. We need positivity and to distract the mind from this shocking news. Shopping when used well and at the right times can become truly therapeutic.

Wherever you turn, the shop windows are full of light clothes, spring prints and soft colors. We have a decent wish list, we not only give advice to you, but we also perform. We want to introduce pieces of spring clothing in our wardrobe.

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