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We are now in the middle of the summer and the seaside weekend has started. As soon as we manage we organize and leave for the beaches closest to Lombardy. Here we are at the Lido degli Estensi, I have to say I was never and I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the large beaches and the space between umbrellas, restaurants and shops in the center and the long avenue of night walk.

My kind day when I’m at the sea is:

  • I wake up quietly without the sound of the annoying alarm and enjoy a rich breakfast
  • Prepare for going to the beach, sea bag and the sun to protect the skin from the sun
  • I arrive at the beach, I lay the towel on the couch, abandon everything and I start for a long walk until there are still few people
  • Light lunch and again walks, bath and relax on the cot in the company of a good book.
Solar Collistar: i choose the best!

Earth: Sun-kissed face!

But how important is it to have with the right solar ones?

For me that I have a light complexion is really very important, I’m one of the easy sunburns and I always prefer to prevent it rather than cure.

I chose Solar Collistar because it is a brand I know well, it inspires confidence and seems to have exactly what I need. SPF 15 Cream to protect the body, SPF 20 face cream, super tanning water to refresh and soothe when I’m on the couch to relax and sunbathe.

You could not miss magic cc stick Spf 30 that color and correct the stains, in the various imperfections. At the end of the day, I see the rising freckles and the lips contour that tones brown tones, it almost seems to have just finished eating the nutella :-).

A very important aspect is also the hair protection, because because of the sea they tend to disentangle, to dry up, and between wind and salty they lose their body. Collistar has created a new line made up of shampoo, mask and spray oil. I chose the shampoo and assure you that it leaves soft and super moisturized hair. I will surely also buy the mask and the oil!

Do you use sunscreens for sunbathing?







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Nice looking product and gorgeous you!! So exciting to see you in that chic bikini! Your body is very beautiful, especially that sexy belly and lovely legs!! Enjoyed seeing them very much 😉 Wow!!

All Things Bright and Lovely


🙂 you are so darling!

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