“A man will never treat you better than a department store”

so said Rebecca Bloomwood

Hi girls,

you are ready for winter sales in 2017? We have come a long, long list, luckily we all rounds Corso Buenos Aires, so we can run on the first day and jump into the fray to assert our leaders long for.

Have you saved the pennies, stretched your wishlist to give vent to shopping? Today officially begin in milan and we are stra happy. Bargain hunting, especially us women, has already started some time ago with the so-called “investigative missions” to locate a leader who from today will be sold at a lower price than that marked on the tag.

Someone said Sale ?: here’s what to buy!

Sales 2016: something always makes it better!

During the year, we try not to spend and spend, we take only some whim (example: when you see a pair of shoes and you just can not resist them, or that bag in the window that appears to be made for you), so was born a spendthrift.

Spender is born or made? (Blery is part of the first category :-)).

Shops are now ready, you come in and you do not understand anything, do not see anything other than pants files, files of dresses, sweaters files, shoes and bags. The question arises: what do I buy? A clear and strong voice inside you screams: all, but then the subtle and almost inaudible voice of conscience suggests only what they really need. It ‘s so hard to understand what is really in front of you when it covers a lot of heads to feast, select and purchase. During the sales we feel a bit ‘all’ The girl with green scarf “or Rebecca Bloomwood, who dives in the shops and buy without ever stopping.

But do not worry for this reason we decided to rush to your aid, selecting leaders who should not and can not miss in the closet of those who love the fashion world. You do not always need to spend so much, redo the wardrobe every balances section, just make a selection of what we have in the closet, match heads together and try to figure out what is missing in order to make our unique outfits.

The whims? Sure you can take them, moreover expect all year right now and we can not even buy what we like, then we think the pairings once at home, but this has to happen with a few heads not with everyone. Better to spend buying clothes that we wear and not really to be abandoned in the closet.

Here on what to bet absolutely: word of fashion bloggers 🙂


The release coat check.

We begin precisely with a leader who is worth having ever: his coat. A leader timeless, of different shapes and lengths but everyone should have in our closet. With balances take the chance and betting in the press check, from Zadar you find a beautiful and super affordable. Here are our favorite.

The longer blazer.

Our favorite item in spring and autumn, IN absolutely always, perfect with skirt with trousers.

The printed pullovers.

Jerseys the number one ally to fight the winter, be chic even in cold weather you can if you wear a pull super colored or floral print.

The polka dots.

Dresses, skirts and polka dot shirts, will be one of the greatest tendency of next spring and summer garments.

Denim shirt.

The shirt is a must have, will always be in fashion in all colors, but this year bet on denim embroidered and you will be at the TOP.

The boot.

The boot par excellence, comfortable and chic both day and night. Perfectly in tune with skirts, dresses and pants. If you already have the classic, bets on velvet, floral print, glitter and fantasies.

The maxi clutch.

Ideal for those endless days, when we pass directly from work aperitif and evening with her friends. Why have the change of the bag when a maxi clutch may be the solution ?!

These are just some of the many, you make your choice depending on your tastes and preferences.

Kisses and good shopping!


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