Must and Trends Spring 2019, we reveal how to deal with it! Here are the colors that will not be missing in your closet!

It will Be that the temperatures have lifted, the days get longer, the sun shines and the good humor comes immediately out as well as the desire to wear our favorite flower jacket!  Because Yes, it’s true: the flower jacket always makes spring. But the Spring 2019 palette presented on the catwalk is much more! Before you even show the colors and proposals for this spring 2019, we also want you to see where you can buy all these wonders.

Have you ever heard of The Francesco Massa Group represents one of the most important business activities in Puglia (where we all know we can spend great holidays and eat delightfully). But Puglia is always in line even with the trends of the moment, for this Massaboutique offers the best brands of clothing and accessories (national and international) for women, men and children. What would be better than a nice holiday in Puglia and shopping in a boutique where you feel loved and pampered?

But back to us and the trends to wear, here is a little taste for you:

The Timeless Beige will be the master, declined in the different shades. The leitmotif of Riccardo Tisci’s Spring Estate 2019 collection for Burberry, perfect in every occasion and of great class. You know that when you think of Burberry, the first thing that comes to mind is the beige and the timeless trench, the one that has made the world dream.

Not missing the Brown, used by Prada in a dark version and a bit ‘ sexy if mixed with black. Perfect for an evening look! Two colors that dominate, but that worn together perfectly marry.

The colors for Fendi light up, which brings to the catwalk a shade of Orange paired sometimes with a delicate blue pastel. A gamble maybe, but definitely an irresistible combo! The Coral, let’s remember, was elected the color of the year by Pantone, so absolutely a must of this spring 2019.

More Romantic Marc Jacobs sporting a very delicate variant of Coral, almost fairy-tale. Don’t you also find that this dress is perfect at the same time? You can very well wear for a romantic dinner on the beach, maybe to the Maldives, dreaming big does not cost anything, you do not agree?

primavera 2019


Like flowers in spring, the shades of Yellow can not miss.

Max Mara chooses a beautiful canary Yellow for casual and early morning look but always sophisticated.

Uninevitable the eccentricity of Off-White with a fluorescent Yellow combined with the Animalier fantasy, which confirms the true must of 2019.

Careful: This will definitely be your ace in the sleeve to never go unnoticed! What do You think about Fluo IN or OUT?

Old but Gold: the Red. You know, Red is a color for girls with strong and decisive personality! To turn on the season you can not really miss among your strong pieces! Suitable both in the morning for a casual pairing, and for the evening.

They can not Do without some of the most important brands:

The red-look 2019 of Gucci is Fascinating and mysterious. Perfect and not discounted the combination with the white hat.

Lit and rid the mood proposed on the runway by Prada.


Unmistakable and always eccentric as only Balenciaga can do.

primavera 2019

A color and a thousand ways to reinvent it!

In the end for the most romantic ever green, indeed ever Rose: pastel Pink!

The Maisont Chanel, this year proposes it in different variants and with the most varied fabrics. The Pastel Pink is the color of the season par excellence, we always find it in the productions of flowers for Parties and weddings, in the elegant clothes of the guests and in the heart of those who can not do without.

spring 2019

Ready to flourish and flaunt your spring look? You left enough space in the closet?… (read here 5 moves to organize the wardrobe, make room for spring clothes).

What are your favorite colors?

Go girls and be sprint, indeed sprig… May the spring begin!

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