The beauty of the spring season is that it gives positivity, as well as an unbridled desire to discover the world under the blinding light of the sun; and the desire to wear our beautiful spring dresses. Just think of cold days, the right outfit to choose and the thickness of the tights that often make the difference; with spring everything changes, even the way we dress. The legs are uncovered and you no longer need to count the money, we leave room for fluid clothes and light fabrics.

Ok girls, let’s open the doors of our wardrobe and make room for the must-have clothes of this spring / summer 2021. We are now in the season where the days are getting longer, the sun is no longer a mirage; gives us a nice warm good morning, as well as nature that delights us with its magnificent colors.

How many of us in the month of March are the fashion trend detective for spring summer 2021?

We are many, this happens because every year we have a fashion guide established by the many models selected by the fashion houses.

It starts from the classics and timeless, up to the strangest and most extravagant proposals, those that will be remembered only for this year.

Let’s look together at the fantasies proposed in the catwalks for this hot 2021:

abiti primaverili
Versace denim: it will be an explosion of dresses, suits, trousers below the knee, bags, shoes and much more, strictly total denim!
Asymmetrical tweed by Chanel: the skirt proposed by Channel is asymmetrical with a simple and linear style
abiti primaverili
The neutral colors of Stella Mc Cartney: in her collection she proposed the very elegant and sophisticated bamboo color
Louis Vuitton stripes: stripes have always been loved over the years, as well as remembering sailors and the sea. Louis Vuitton focuses on the combination of stripes of different colors, giving plays of color harmony
abiti primaverili
Dior crochet: the dresses are crocheted to show small inches of skin; the fringes at the edges instead give movement
Polka dots by Saint Laurent: pattern that highlights a hyper feminine silhouette, giving it a classy figure
abiti primaverili
Prada's colorful flowers: the beauty of flowers that embroider an entire background of maxi dresses, pure history!

What we mentioned earlier are some prints and styles; they will most likely affect all other brands, even those of minor importance. It will be wonderful to try them on us, combine the garments together trying to understand which fantasy gives us the most.

Now that you have discovered which will be the most spring dresses to wear, you just have to look at what you have in the closet. If these items are not already present in your wardrobe, it is absolutely necessary to remedy. At zara you can find a beautiful polka dot dress, but this is just a small example among many others. We would like to show you clothes that don’t cost much, but that make a beautiful impression once worn.

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