Hi girls,

how many of you create your own look taking care of the details that define the current trends?

You know, to have a perfect look you have to have the right accessories or better than cool! The accessories in fact, represent a way of being, of thinking and seeing the life of each of us.

Shoes, belts, handbags, sunglasses, often complete any outfit, even in some cases become more important apparel. Sometimes it happens that you start right from the accessories and then complete the whole outfit.

To choose from, then the proposals for next season?

Here are some trends defined protagonists among the accessories Spring-Summer 2017:

  • Zoo: parrots, teddy bears, butterflies, zebra, swans are some of the animals protagonists of fashion that appear on the backpacks, bags, jeans, shirts and so on …

  • Ethnicity: African Inspirations, tissues shooting distant echoes, fantasizing about places never seen, trips to do and sunsets to live.

  • Floral: The floral prints continue to be one of the strongest trends, in fact you will find flowers that bloom is on the clothes that the accessories; really romantic!

  • Optical: Black & white in all possible forms and fantasies. You will not pass unnoticed !!!!

  • Metals: metallic and golden accessories flares give light to any outfit. They are very fashionable metallic belts, used by many brands to emphasize and highlight the waist, giving off the femininity of each of us.

  • Lemon: it’s official, this color is king is the outfit accessories. They ‘a beautiful color that is comfortable to both blondes blackberry and accessories of this color also light up outfits with dark tones.

  • Dark green: Everything is painted in this color that represents the heart of nature.

  • White: White is suitable in all its most hidden nuances. This color makes pure, candid and elegant any outfit.

  • Sports: sports accessories that are practical and comfortable even in the commitments of everyday life. Just get the right accessories and even a sporty look can be cool.



You embrace that trend this spring – summer 2017? I any idea on my I already have … I can not wait to invent fantastic outfits with these fantastic trend.

Have a nice day!




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