Spring is in full swing, the sun warms up and the desire to wear light clothes is so great. We know that in this period of forced closure you don’t really want to think about clothing, but don’t forget that we will soon start going out again. So in order not to arrive unprepared we have designed for you 2 spring summer 2020 outfits, 2 looks to wear on different occasions.

Spring summer 2020 look

As we have said in the past, speaking of spring outfits, we must match the chosen garments in the right way, in order to obtain the best result on us. Today we want to offer you 4 different looks, wearable on different occasions.

  1. High-waisted jeans or high-waisted trousers. High-waisted jeans are perfect to wear especially on non-formal occasions, instead for formal occasions we can opt for trousers. Jeans are a more casual item of clothing, on the contrary trousers tend to be more elegant. However, nothing prevents jeans from becoming elegant in their own way when worn with a pair of heels. Blery decided to wear her high-waisted jeans with a black lace bodysuit, one-shoulder and lace top. abbigliamento primavera estate 2020
  2. Another super garment used during the summer is definitely the corset dress. We love clothes both in the city and at the sea, they are easy to use and go well with both heeled shoes and flat sandals. As you can see both Blery and Ily have chosen two dresses in very spring summer shades. The two types of clothes are both perfect also to hide some small imperfections, maybe a few kilos too much put on during this closing period. One is in shades of gray and the other of antique pink, almost peach. Both colors go well with those like us who have a light complexion.
outfit primavera 2020
outfit primavera estate 2020

The outfits for spring summer 2020 can be different, we wanted to suggest a couple so as not to find you unprepared for when we will start going out again. We say that corset dresses always manage to be very versatile, but precisely for this reason we are used to wearing them both in the city and at the sea during our summer holidays.

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