For those who “makes a 100 and you think” (like me), you will surely be asked: what will be in fashion for spring summer 2017? What you can not miss in my closet?

To answer these questions, we peeked the catwalks of the most famous designers in the world directly from the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. In our view, the collections are rich in innovations, proposals, chic trends, old leaders who return and others completely new, daring colors, dipingendoci from head to toe.

Spring Summer Fashion 2017: dare the color!

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Starting from the back of a sophisticated minimalism, playing with shapes and volumes obtained by the effect of the fabric, stripes and polka dots are loves that we are used to collect over time. That’s right, are two protagonists fantasies for this spring summer 2017 and beloved by women.

Here is a small guide list of what we wear in 2017:

  • The new trenches: Get ready for store quilts and coats. The new trenches abandons the old lines and become unstructured, with applications and precious details.
  • Jackets maxi shoulders: jackets, dust off the shapes and sizes over 80 “big side” in the foreground. The legendary eighties do not forget the play of light and bold flashes.
  • Uniform jackets: military inspired from the deep past, with detail in the foreground as the multi frogs.
  • Fencing jacket: quilted and padded, the jacket is reminiscent of fencing (for those who love to stand out with style).
    Top Fabrics:
    Plissè (Back on the catwalk love for pleated fabric (already proposed in the course of 2016), but increased attention to clothes.

Denim (shirt, pants and jackets of jeans parade in faded version and with more and larger tears).

Brocade (Rich textures of stones and diamonds embellish skirts, sweaters, dresses, bags and shoes).

Tulle (transparency in the foreground with suits and dresses in tulle, effect-boo). Romance rock is the watchword, then absolutely yes to tulle skirts with leather biker.

  • Flowers all over: Romantic floral embroidery to look in bright colors. Can be found on clothing, shoes, bags, and even jewelry.
  • Arty trend: wide trousers watercolor effect.
  • One Shoulder: the evening dress is one shoulder and immediately makes prom queen.
  • High life: the pants are waisted, very high. The girls love them for “the effect slender waist” they create.
  • Colors: yellow, orange, green, white, gold, beige … The rule is to dare in color !!!
  • Wedge: The sandals are not low shot, but strongly back the wedge. Women love the heel, in this case easy to carry!
  • Micro bag: the bags are not mini but mignon. become smaller and smaller, indeed evoke the idea of ​​a jewel.
  • Extra long earrings: they are very long, as the length of our hair, the earrings for next summer.

The main thing that can be seen by the numerous fashion shows, is the explosion of color. In fact this 2017 will be full of warm colors (yellow, pink, red, but what will be the master will be the green pantone GREENERY), then you dare with your favorite colors, you’ll be fashionable and always cool.

You are ready to update your wardrobe? We definitely, yes!

Later, I propose some heads than those listed above that will trend.

Good day and that the most glam style is to each of you!

Kiss Kiss



The new trench!

Uniform jackets!


Denim! Polka dots! Lines! Turbot!


Flower all over!

Clothes that can not be missed!

Clothes I do not see!

Explosion of color!

Micro bag!



Extra long earrings!



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