Sooner or later we all have to experience going on vacation on the snow. Whether in summer or winter, for skiing or for renting a hut, skiing holidays are perfect for doing something different, magical. This is why I chose the title St. Moritz, magic on the snow. I have always loved the snow, it will be that when I was a child in Durazzo I never saw it. It never snowed!

I chose St.Moritz!

The resplendent town of Saint Moritz, located in the center of the charming Upper Engadine valley in the fascinating Swiss territory (at about 1800 meters high), is counted among the most sought-after ski destinations by the world jet-set, for its refinement and the sumptuousness that distinguishes it.

This spectacular strip of land, an immense gift of nature, is embraced by majestic mountains caressed by the sun for almost all the year and lapped by the waters of the homonymous Lake, in a dry, pungent, effervescent climate.

I was right where the lake is, the guide told us that in the middle of winter, January / February, the lake freezes completely, so much so that they organize horse races on the ice. Don’t ask me how to do it, but if the guide says it I believe it.



Bernina Red Train!

Obviously to get to St. Moritz, I chose to take the Bernina red train, leaving from Tirano and we traveled all the way up to St Moritz. I couldn’t resist the charm of the Bernina Express and so I climbed the mountain. Yes, that’s right, the train climbs the mountain.

For those who do not know what it is, here is a small introduction. I recommend everyone to climb at least once.

The Bernina Express is a beautiful Rhaetian Railway train linking Tirano with St. Moritz, in the Swiss Alps. It follows a route of considerable landscape interest, with a route, about 61 kilometers long. This graceful red train, almost similar to those seen sometimes in cartoons, starts from Tirano (at 492 meters of altitude), reaches 2,253 meters at Passo Bernina and then descends to 1,775 of St. Moritz. Taking a trip on the Bernina Express is truly a delightful experience; thanks to its dome-shaped windows, it is possible to admire the stupendous panorama that flows while walking through fabulous scenarios: woods, enchanting lakes, very high mountains.

If you really want to give yourself an extraordinary experience, go for a trip on the Bernina Express: thanks to it, the Rhaetian Railway has received the deserved recognition of UNESCO World Heritage.

You can choose this destination in winter, the beauty of passing through the mountains, seeing the snow (if you love it like me) that whitens everything and even some ibex going down the mountain trees. Or you can choose to take this route in spring, when nature wakes up from the winter cold and gives fabulous colors.


Here is my outfit for this magnificent journey, between snow, mountains and much, but so cold.


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