A bullet bra is a cone-shaped, spiral-stitched bra popularized by iconic 1950s actresses. The tight-fitted bra has been controversial for its provocative look as it separates the breasts and accentuates them into striking conical silhouette.

Formerly known as the Chansonette bra, the bullet-bra came to be called as The Torpedo Bra or The Cone bra and was made one of the biggest fashion statements in the 1940s and 50s by a number of beloved Hollywood actresses called sweater girls for their vintage bras under skin-kissing, small-sleeved knit tops.

The style has made major comebacks and then faded abruptly.

As we know, fashion has a tendency to revive. With the coming of corsets back to fashion, there is no wonder that we’d be sporting these vintage bras too within some time.

After recalling these 5 Hollywood divas who rocked the bullet-bra in a true sense, you won’t be able to resist your urge to add this accessory to your closet:


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe would be the first name if one thinks of an all-time favourite classic Hollywood star. No wonder she was the best heroine of her time who brought a number of fashion statements to life including her girdles and the red lipstick.

She was one of the sweater girls who made this style a fashion statement among her millions of buffs. Her hourglass figure which she always flaunted through her unforgettable fitted shapewear was a dream of many.

She changed the face of American cinema and popularized the bullet bra along with many other of her styles and made it eternal like herself.


Lana Turner

The silver screen chameleon, Lana Turner or say “the first official sweater girl” can’t be skipped if one recalls the Hollywood actresses who rocked the bullet bra.

She was one controversial heroine who came to the flashlight with her first big hit “They won’t forget”. At the beginning of the movie, she hurried along a crowded street in a small Southern town. She didn’t have to act but just walk along wearing a tight-fitting sweater. There was nothing provocative about the shot but the males in the U.S. found it very stimulating.

She was the first one who made this fashion of wearing a bullet bra under a small-sleeved tight fitting sweater with a skin-kissing pencil skirt a trend in the era and accordingly was nicknamed “the sweater girl” of Hollywood.


Anne Gwynne

Chris Pine’s Grandmother Anne Gwynne, also known as the ‘scream girl’ for her numerous appearances into horror films of the 1940s was one of those immemorial icons who rocked the bullet bra like nobody else.

She was one of the most popular pin-up girls of that time and thus, of course, contributed hugely to making this style popular among masses. She was also one of the sweater girls and was often seen in this style in numerous of her films.

The icon truly made the vintage bra iconic among her fans.


Jane Russell

The multitalented singer, model, and actress, Jane Russell, was one among a million. She became one of the very popular sex symbols of Hollywood through her stout role in her debut film, The Outlaw but is best remembered from her dazzling role in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” where she acted alongside Marilyn Monroe.

She expired at the age of 89 in 2011 due to a respiratory disease but her popularity didn’t. She is still remembered for her beauty, talent and the voluptuous figure she flaunted through the bullet bra popularizing it to great extents.


Jayne Mansfield

The beauty with brains and the blonde bombshell, Jayne Mansfield, who knew six languages and had an IQ of 163 is one icon etched among the minds of millions even today. She lived a short rather scandalous life. Many believed her to be a Satanist and her death in a car crash to be the result of a curse.

She never refrained from revealing her sexy cleavage in low cut tops and was one of the sweater girls who integrated the bullet bra in her super sexy styling and popularized it to the highest extents.

Now many of you would want this style to come back to fashion and many would themselves want to try it out but without looking odd. One easy way is to try it with a high waisted corset or other attire like high neck tops. You may make it a part of your fitted lingerie which gives you that sassy bustline you are craving. You may also try it out with a tight-knit top like the sweater girls which would definitely bring the old cinematic memories back to life.


the bullet bra

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