Entering a perfumery the first thing you hear is the scent wafting in the air. Do we try one, two, three and finally choose the one that best represents us, other times, it happens to only buy for advertising and brand name. Sometimes we do not linger even study the ingredients that compose it and we rely on first impression that leaves us at the very moment when the wear.

Exactly this has to be a scent: our visiting card for anyone who passes us by and the exaltation of our mood.

Moods to wear: made in Italy!

Moods is a brand new Italian, managed by expert (sommelier of Woods), based on excellent raw materials and innovative combinations enhance each of us.

Wear a scent makes us feel good, unique, beautiful and desired; all States of mind that are unleashed when the fragrance unleashes our imagination. What happens instead if leaving from our mood we want a perfume that represents him?!

Moods provides four female and two male fragrances to wear and choose according to how you feel and to our way of being.

We chose voluptuous, the perfect scent for the woman who wants to make his mark on the way and dreams of those who meet. Floral aromas, the sandal wood, white musk and the delicate notes of peach, make this perfume the forbidden fruit that everyone would take, as the woman who wears it.

All locked up in an elegant Crystal bottle wrapped in solid wood of many facets that make it slightly fluctuating, changeable and ephemeral as the human soul.

To be unique and impression in the minds of those encounters, he wears a masterpiece. As the great Coco Chanel “parfum is the basic fashion accessory, unforgettable, unseen, what promises to be your arrival and prolongs your departure.” Sacrosanct words, the most important thing is to make its mark in order not to be forgotten, with the right perfume can be.

If you are curious to discover the scents Mood do like us, on the site you will find the kit with the testers to try out, wear and choose the fragrance that best represents your self!





-Moods to wear: made in Italy!-

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Such an amazing scent! Looks very luxurious!


Is really luxurious!

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