This difficult moment continues, most likely a new lockdown will enter our life. If during the first we had some difficulty in finding the best corner of the house to create our smart working office, to have comfortable and beautiful clothing at the same time, now we have all the time to prepare to be comfortable at home.

We must not in any way forget and neglect ourselves, but we understand that the desire to wear a nice dress, or elegant trousers to go to the office can fail. So we decided to offer you some looks that can allow you to work from home in comfort, without sacrificing beauty. We know very well that study calls can arrive at any moment and nothing should find us unprepared.

What to wear to work from home and be chic at the same time?

In view of a new lockdown, our advice is to stock up on suit suits to stay at home. We are certainly not talking about the usual ones you see in the various stores, but about something a little more chic.

On the Femmeluxefinery website you can easily choose from many models. Maybe the American style is slightly different, but we find that these suits are beautiful and chic at the same time.

Let’s take as an example what you see in the photo below. Agree with you that it is for the youngest because you can see some centimeters of skin, but for those who are over 30 like us, you can wear this suit with the addition of a tank top underneath. And if, once the lockdown is over, you want to use it also to go out, you can also wear it in a more elegant dress, as Ily shows you in “how to wear a suit and be elegant”.

tuta per stare in casa
tuta elegante per uscire

For those who love the suit trausers to stay comfortably at home, but don’t want to show any centimeters of skin, we have two more, of the many proposals that you will find on the Femmeluxefinery website. We like the genre they offer because it manages to bring all ages together, each based on their style and needs, but also on the wallet which is a fundamental aspect. To be beautiful in view of the lockdown you certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money. The moment is difficult and it is better to save by buying only what is really essential. We have purchased 2 suits each, so in addition to working comfortably we will also be in order during group zooms with bosses and colleagues.

stare comode in casa
tuta per stare comode in casa

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of jeans, clothing like the one you see in the photo is also for you to stay at home. The formality of the cardigan perfectly matches the informality of the jeans, but it can also be worn with the suit. If you still have to buy the right jeans for you, we leave you our article “the perfect jeans? A matter of bodyshape”.

In this article we have shown you different types of clothing to stay comfortable at home, waiting for this absurd period to pass quickly.

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