Today I want to show you a type of autumn look … we have to invent the appropriate look for this season and I propose my will (one of many)!

Autumn is the season of harvest, the crops, the leaves on the ground and landscapes in warm colors (especially yellow, orange and red). The colors that gives off the nature, often affect our look.

Knee Boots: renew everyday look!

My long boots!

This season there is always an item of clothing that is king: the boots!

The trends in boots for Fall-Winter 2016/2017 range from ankle boots to variants with platform, from ultra flat to sensual cuissard above the knees, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Wear knee boots or above the knee requires a major consideration: the choice of the model first and then the way you wear.

Not all cuissard donate to us women: the stretch patterns are fine for those with long legs and very thin, while the wide ones and the 70 are better suited to more muscular legs.

The models straight black leather on the knee just create that effect mystery, covering the bottom and the top one slender leg.

For this autumn look I chose:

Mini dress, autumn socks and knee-high boots with heels, perfect for the day and adaptable for the evening perhaps with a coat instead of knit cardigan!

This is a perfect match for those who want to short dresses even in autumn, showing her legs but covering the lower part of them.

I love long boots because they give me the feeling of warmth and then let’s have the sexy garment par excellence and renew our daily look in all its forms.

You who prefer that? Love cuissard or you stop a little above the knee?

Have a nice day!



Ily wearing:

Mini Dress: H&M (Collection autumn-winter 2016)

Scarf: Zara

Purse: Zara

long boots: H&M

Knitted Cardigan: Terranova


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I love your knee boots! I find them perfect for this fall outfit. I love them :).


Thank you dear!

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