What is the bestseller bestseller ever? The women’s suit! Yes, because the men’s one is rather obvious, but women’s suits have made history.

How many of us have never had a nice women’s suit in our closet?

Considering that his birth dates back to 1885 (thanks to tailor John Redfern, who created one for the Princess of Wales) and taking into account the fact that he is one of the few leaders who survived the changes in fashions and style, we believe very few !! !
There is also to specify for those who do not know, the suit has always been more than a simple suit. He has represented femininity over the years but not only; he was also a symbol of women’s emancipation and for a long time divided into career women. On these occasions the elegant suit was mainly used.

But are suits still fashionable?

Yes, the suit is a timeless must-have, suitable for both formal and “easy” situations (everything lies in knowing how to play down an outfit with shoes and less elegant accessories). It is also the par excellence passepartout: it is wearable not only in spring or summer, but also in the less warm season. In autumn and winter, it is worn under a coat (with a wool mock to replace a shirt so as not to be cold but still remain elegant).

The suit today – Everything you need to know

We wear less and less classic suits like black and gray, these two colors are usually used on important occasions where elegance is a must. We wear dark colors especially in ceremonies, graduations and job interviews in formal settings. On the other hand, for two years now there have been rather big tendencies in suits with brighter tones, more extravagant, like all fashion.

Whether it is yellow, electric blue, red or fuchsia it does not matter, even less if it has a skirt or trousers. What we advise you to pay attention to when choosing your suit is the model, to make it worthwhile and to be easily reused, to prevent it from remaining in the wardrobe together with the other clothes. How many of you happen to put your clothes in the corner of “maybe one day I’ll wear it”? Enough happened to us in the past, but now we consciously buy.

tailleur donna nero
tailleur donna


How to choose a suit based on one’s physicality

Like any garment, the rule of “not everything is good for everyone” applies to the suit as well.
Therefore, we have some precautions for you, to help you understand how to wear the suit:
– If you have pronounced hips and a few extra kilos, you prefer a soft jacket that arrives in the right places (those to hide a little would say the most, we say the one to enhance), a pair of trousers that don’t mark too much and a pair of décolleté to have a more slender effect.
– Otherwise, if you are lucky enough to be thin and slender by nature, you can afford the double-breasted jacket and any type of trousers: cigarette-shaped, palace-style and cropped.
If you prefer the skirt, you will certainly not have problems and you will be able to wear it either with a medium length sheath, or a longuette and why not even a mini with an asymmetrical cut.

Remember that women’s suits can very well be worn in both casual and elegant fashion. We will discuss this in another article.

completo elegante
giacca e pantalone

After our advice we are obviously curious to know what kind of suits you prefer. Do you wear it with a skirt or trousers? Only in a formal or even casual way?
Let us know and keep following us so as not to lose our advice on how to always be fashionable.

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